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[remi] Donijol Ban Apply

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  • [UNBANNED] [remi] Donijol Ban Apply

    Your name ingame:[ATM]Donijol
    The time/date your ban occurred:28/10/2015
    The name of the Admin that banned you: remi
    The reason of the ban: ammo
    Extra information you would like to add: i didn't used any cheat i was in event with the normal Weapons. idk what happend, i swear that what happend. maybe he didn't saw or maybe he banned a wrong guy because i know the rules also i know that cheats not allowed

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    I initially went to check you for aimbot and somehow ended up checking your ammo which of course weren't decreasing the least.

    I also noticed you were toggling since you stopped a moment and they magically started to decrease again...
    I kept checking, waited a bit and voilą!, ammo weren't reducing once again.

    So went the usual check to see if you were bugged and you were dropped just fine.
    You know what happened next

    Either you weren't aware that what you were activating had also an effect on this or you are just denying too hard..

    Alright, since you're still denying so here comes the result :

    Temp banned until 31st October whereafter your IP will be unbanned but the account will remain banned.

    Changed my minds as I saw no evading whatsoever!
    IP/account unbanned, but I'll reduce your k/d ratio to 1 (by reducing your score and making it equal to your death count).
    Last edited by remi; 30-10-15, 03:24 PM. Reason: Ban lifted earlier.
    ...Mi nuh waan nuh hyprocrits talk to mi, Mi nuh trust plastic smiles
    Waan see yuh dead n a smile inna backative style, talk dem do all di while...
    ...Nuff a dem tek life fi joke, Dem nuh know dem purposes
    Dem put diable before everything n blessing turn up surplus...


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