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  • [UNBANNED] unabn

    Your name ingame:Alibakri1
    The time/date your ban occurred:2 days ago.
    The name of the Admin that banned you:i dont know my sister was playing and he ban me..
    The reason of the ban:air-braeak
    Extra information you would like to add:my sister login with my name..and he ban me i dont know why..he use hack and ban me so unban me please.bec of my sister was playing and use hack and ban me.,and i kill him in real life bec he ban unbanned me
    my sister join with my name and he use hack airbrak and he ban me so unban me plsss i love the server
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    unban pls my sister ban me pls unban
    and i join the server stundly its szay iam baned and iam worry so unban me


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      Please, calm down and wait for Blackbird, he will reply soon.
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        Well mister...
        You should know that we don't believe in "my sister", "my dog", "my unicorn" stories.
        It is a ban made by Blackbird but since I'm a higher lvl admin I may unban you myself (sorry Blackbird).
        I do it because lately we have had a lot of cheaters who cried that we wouldn't give them any chance.
        Ok this is your chance.
        If you get banned for cheating again don't even manage to post a new ban appeal.


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