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3rd unban appeal(again)

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  • [BANNED] 3rd unban appeal(again)

    Your name ingame:XShowVietX[UMH]
    The time/date your ban occurred:6:16PM 08/15/2018
    The name of the Admin that banned you:Jovan
    The reason of the ban:Crashes.asi, rapid toggle
    Extra information you would like to add:really? are u crying Jovan? u banned my IRC account, and then u banned me again. i will wait for proofs

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    hmm, anyone in here ? posted it for 2 days and no reply


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      Admins don't need proofs to ban players. As said by Delija
      Also for your information, Admins doesn't need to record videos or take pictures as evidence, we trust our Admins.
      (You can find that quote in )
      Also, I received a screenshot from Admin Solaimane:

      Can you explain this?
      You also evaded your ban today to cheat again
      [11:55:30] <@GX-28> * Nguoi_Cu (ID:5) has been banned by Admin Jovan (ID:20) for rapid, aimbot (XShowVietX)
      Last edited by Jovan; 16-08-18, 08:23 PM.


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        look at my ping, you understand now ? and sorry for my evade, i cant wait for answer.
        Edit: yes i was evading, but no cheat used during my evade
        Last edited by Viettt; 17-08-18, 08:36 AM.


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          Ping doesn't always matter, you were shooting normally and you took hits normally. Stay banned.


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