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  • [BANNED] Ban Appeal

    Your Name Ingame: [Mars]Striker
    The Time/Date Your Ban Occured: 6/Sep/18
    The Name Of Admin That Banned U: [S]olamaine
    The Reason Of The Ban: AimBot
    Extra Information u would like to addrove me that i have aimbot?

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    Hello Striker my friend, how are you doing? just joking I already know how you feel right now cause you didn't expect to be banned this day. Thought you would make this easy and admit it but as always you guys love to make things really hard.
    Before I go ahead and post my proofs I'll talk about the way you were toggling your aimbot, just to let you know that I have banned people who had more than 1K hours in-game and they tried to hide their aimbots smarter than you did but still they ended up getting banned because you can't hide that shit forever. However, It's been more than 2 weeks now since I knew that you were toggling an aimbot but I didn't want to hurry and ban you until I get some solid proofs.
    Today you granted my wish by making your aimbot so obvious and the most the retarded thing is that you used it against me, that's like saying "hey i'll cheat here and you can't do shit about it".
    You were getting reported every single day by players/trusted players, but when I start spectating and try to duel you, out of nowhere your aim becomes shit and don't even get to hit a proper shot and I'm like why is this guy getting reported every day by several players and his aim is trash. Today I got my answer and caught you using that shit.
    First, it was me and admin Declan spectating you in the LSS event and you killed a whole squad with your sniper behind the god damn trees with 40 fps, just tell me how could someone kill 4 players he barely sees with 40 fps. you'll be lucky if you end up killing one at least but killing a whole squad with a sniper, come on man that was too much. Not just that, when I went to /l 140 to practice with someone, you came there with your aimbot on and started fighting me, it was pretty ridiculous to do that as it was so obvious, after you knew that your aimbot was obvious you told me to stop shooting you cause you were afraid of getting banned.
    You may wanna enjoy looking at these videos and screenshots and tell me what do you think.
    We will start with this Screenshot shared by your friend:

    I hid the link because I don't want anyone else to go and download that shit. There is nothing to explain, the photo shows everything, even if you lie and still say that you didn't download or use that aimbot, I'll prove it right now.

    We got this video recorded by Raz and you can clearly see how that your aim was locked to him and you killed him with 3 bullets while he was moving.

    Finally, we've got this video which was recorded by me today, it was a little bit hard to record it as that you were trying so hard to hide it but in the end, you failed.
    Anyway, this topic can be locked and this guy will stay banned as that he didn't want to admit his mistake after all.


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      the discord pics u have in this group i was searching for aleems aimbot
      raz also asked him to give me this aimbot i did not use that aimbot and the videos lets go live on discord i will kill him like this showing u my files then we fight


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        And the event videos only i was not the one who was shooting there were 12 players shooting. also if i was having aimbot there surely i will get the most kills none can.and u think i am dumb to use that shit with 7.5k score that i was trying to be trusted also i was screen shoting your and aleem khan chats i was not thier to get that aimbot i was there to see what u both use. and i know u r using dmg control aleem khan use aimbot.solamaine you r old player. u think old players dont miss shots.u r aimbot is clear for us killing me standing in same place.damn dont say u r god on samp.and what should i do if raz is that much dumb at shooting?
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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	200829 i got something here


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            i talk to declan with raz hacks he was spectating him for 2 days raz is using dmg control it make u take less damage from another player guns and u can give them moe damage as u want.smarty


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              Aw, you can't just admit you used aimbot and you accuse someone else of using something thinking you are innocent after that. Shame.


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                Ok admin i appologize what mistake i have done sorry it would never happen again
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                  Too bad that it took you 5 posts to admit what you have done. You can stay Banned.
                  This topic can be closed.


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