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  • [BANNED] [Soollaimane]Babo

    Your name ingame: Babo
    The time/date your ban occurred: 20/10/2017
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Batcold
    The reason of the ban: aim
    Extra information you would like to add:

    I had a goal for the reason I do not know either, I froze, if I can again start playing again, please

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    You got banned several times by Admins for aimbot hacks. Please wait for Admin Soollaimane to deal with it.
    [22:29:26] <@GX-04> * 1) Grandov banned by Admin [S]olaimane on 2018-06-13 20:10:25 for nice aimbot toggling


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      I don't remember banning someone called Babo, please make sure you are giving your actual in-game name.
      Anyways, Since you have evaded your ban and joined with another account I'll have to keep you temp-banned for 5 days. Please make sure not to evade your ban or else it will be permanent this time.
      Edit: [21:35:45] <@GX-27> * Paklara (ID:0) has been banned by Admin Jovan (IRC) for you were told not to evade
      ​​​​​​​You can stay banned.
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