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Mici ban appeal

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  • [BANNED] Mici ban appeal

    Your name ingame: mici_99
    The time/date your ban occurred: 2.3.2019
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Solaimane
    The reason of the ban:aimbot logger
    Extra information you would like to add:As well, I was banished for the goal, which I did not have this through the way I wanted to see that I had a goalbot, I recorded the event, so the admin Solaminae put down the proof and I will arrange the bro

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    I couldn't understand any of the things you said above to be honest. But here's the thing, you had an aimbot all this time and you couldn't even hide it, you were like "I can use my aimbot and no one is going to notice because I'm good at hiding it". Unfortunately, you just screwed up and made it so obvious today. While we were playing the GRC event, you were doing some sick flicks with your sniper and deagle, not just that, but when you killed like 4 people with your sniper without missing any single bullet, you said "I'm lagging" your ping was 70 how come you lag? you obviously said that so that people think you were actually lagging and that's why you were able to get those kills easily. Moreover, I came behind you while you were fighting 2 guys in front of you and somehow you turned 180° and shot me with your deagle, why would you start shooting the guy behind you when there are 2 other people fighting in front of you? I was gonna record but then I thought of just banning you as other admins saw your aimbot as well and there was really no point of doing that. This is the second time you get banned for an aimbot, you got banned by admin Evil 1 month ago and here you are using your aimbot again.
    Stay banned.


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      Is it supposed to mean there is no more return for me on the gamerx

      permament banned?


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        You got banned by evil exactly 1 month ago and you lied, you got banned by me today and here you're still lying again. Why do you think we should unban a guy who keeps lying every time he gets banned for the same reason?


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          I'm just asking you one question, is he having a chance to go back or to search for another server where I can play'?


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            Originally posted by Rolex View Post
            I'm just asking you one question, is he having a chance to go back or to search for another server where I can play'?
            You got the answer above, you stay banned. About getting another chance i dont really know, but i guess there will be summer global unbans, if this year will happen? have no idea.
            Remember posting/creating more ban appeals can bring you a forum ban.


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