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  • [BANNED] appeal

    Your name ingame:Essam_
    The time/date your ban occurred: idk
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Jovan
    The reason of the ban: toggle aimbot
    Extra information you would like to add: I didn't made this appeal quickly because I had exams, but thank God I succeeded.
    jovan banned me for toggling aimbot , i want see ur proofs jovan and i will show u my proofs too to end that shit
    *i'm realy tired bcz this enemies of success*
    but i don't have anything to do but this appeal

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    This time it wasn't only me who was watching you, EviL_ was also watching you as well.
    Can you explain how did you drain someone's health drastically at the medic spawn? You were far away from the player and you were shooting without missing anything, nor having any recoil (you weren't lagging either).

    Also you promised to PANZEHIR that you'd install SA-MP 0.3.7-R3, but you didn't. Note that the R3 version doesn't allow .cs and .asi mods
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      I will not talk much , i'm not aimbotter,I have fulfilled my promise and i used R3
      if u want unban me do that , if u won't unban me it's ok I'm no longer excited to play this game again
      and if u have proofs when i using R2 or any , show me it
      also i have youtube channel to post my duels there if u want see my videos i will tell u my channel name


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        Well I know you weren't banned by me but i would like to say some few things which may make things kinda clear, first of all we don't need any of your videos (i saw all of them on youtube) since It simply doesn't prove anything because the videos aren't real-time one, meaning obviously that they were recorded under other conditions than those applied when you got banned, such as everything disabled/removed or so...

        I was always watching u and doing some deagle/tec duels with you with (undercover acc) and it turns that u were always trying to hide it (aimbot) specially at hg you were aiming through the walls, also you were shooting without even aiming sometimes while using tec9, and the ones with deagle were totally clear as u weren't missing a single shot, then we decided to ban you after all when you were dueling Jovan with sawns at medic spawn i noticed that you were aiming somewhere else and your bullets still hits him perfectly while he was running around side to side continuously and it was clearly an aimbot, so don't try to fool anyone of us it's better to admit the truth now while you still got a chance to get unbanned better than just wasting this and keep lying your choice.

        Edit : Admin RoboN1X wants to talk with you regarding your ban, please reply on your forum pm and contact him via /irc/discord.

        Edit 2 :

        There was a test performed to clear out doubts, and during the test session, you haven't proved yourself to be innocent since your aim becomes worse and don't even get to hit a proper shot, and you were not able to do like in the video you posted on youtube , so i'd like to share the video you posted on youtube recently of the duel that you had with Warrior which shows your aimbot and other disallowed modifications/camera shaking..

        also i wonder how you were cbugging with 30 fps while recording and you can't do it in the test server with 90-95 fps!

        [18:52:06] <Essam> i can't do cbug right now can we fight without ?
        [18:48:53] <[7NA]PANZEHIR> how on the video you did it
        [18:49:01] <Essam> on video i'm free

        its clearly that you had something hidden, thats why out of nowhere your aim becomes shit in the test server, also you prefered to stay banned after all and refused to admit that you used illegal modifications.

        [18:58:56] <Essam> i won't unban me
        [19:09:15] <Essam> enhy kol da w5las ana m4 3ayz unban = end this please i don't want unban.
        Anyways sicnce its Jovans ban you should wait for him to decide.
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