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Unban Appeal from Blacklist

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  • [BANNED] Unban Appeal from Blacklist

    Your name ingame: sagat08
    The time/date your ban occurred: n/a
    The name of the Admin that banned you :n/a
    The reason of the ban: Blacklist?
    Extra information you would like to add:

    Just want to be unbanned. Will play fair and be respectful. Thank you very much.

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    Wait for admin kqhk to deal with your appeal.

    [18:43:25] <@GX-04> * 1) <Blacklist> added by Admin kqhk on 2019-08-25 / 20:06:30.


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      02:25:37 (GX-23) * PatreonCrusader (ID:24) has been kicked by Jovan (ID:32) for refill your brain
      02:27:16 (GX-23) * PatreonCrusader (ID:33) has been banned by Admin Jovan (ID:32) for crash your mind
      02:35:17 (GX-11) * BlackRoseofDrevlin (ID:0) has been banned by Admin kqhk (IRC) for begone
      02:38:18 (GX-11) * San_Banyo (ID:15) has been banned by Admin kqhk (IRC) for begone
      03:04:44 (GX-18) * StraightSociety (ID:26) has been banned by Admin kqhk (IRC) for then you are not allowed
      also accorded the status, found this.
      21:12:53 (GX-07) * 4) City_Hunter_XXX (IP:*.*.*.*) banned by Admin Jovan on 2019-08-25 18:12:13 for airbreak
      from my side, not gonna happen. although, up to Jovan who banned "you" first.

      ps: i never believe proxy coward.

      pps: this appeal totally worthless. locked

      EDIT by Jovan: Agree with kqhk, denied.
      Last edited by Jovan; 11-09-19, 10:26 PM.


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