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[kqhk] Ban appeal

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  • [BANNED] [kqhk] Ban appeal

    Your name ingame:BozGaa
    The time/date your ban occurred:3/7/2019
    The name of the Admin that banned you:kqhq
    The reason of the ban:i insulted him
    Extra information you would like to add:i wait 3 months! because i was wrong i insult him for nothing i am so sorry kqhq

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    * Found 3 matches (in GamerX v4)...
    1) Ryder_Boss banned by Admin kqhk on 2019-08-11 14:26:20 for rude one
    2) both_noob banned by Admin kqhk on 2019-07-09 15:57:22 for accecpted your wish
    3) Ace_Demot banned by Admin Jovan on 2019-07-12 20:08:15 for cash, evasion
    Wait admin kqhk to reply here.


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      unbanned EVEN YOU DOING TWICE.
      be sure to check your words before spreading the stupid thing.

      seems won't need to unban. go insult elsewhere.
      Last edited by kqhk; 30-11-19, 06:52 AM.


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        Bruh close the thread pls idc i dont want play this server i play others.
        Last edited by EviL_; 25-11-19, 04:20 PM.


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          Insulting in your ban appeal doesn't help, you got unbanned after all what else you want ??!

          Well, Its not my ban appeal but this guy doesn't really deserve to play here..He clearly has no respect for the rules or the players/admins...anyway wait for admin kqhk to decide.

          Closed until kqhk's reply.


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