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Noob admins. Idc if i break now a rule they broke too.

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  • Monno
    This is really good that you don't ask for unban because I wouldn't do it anyway.
    You didn't respond to any charge in this topic. So whatever.
    We don't need players like you who join only to piss everyone off. (And then when they get punished they start accusing admins of corruption). Weird.
    You made yourself get banned just for half an hour. Such a remarkable achievement!

    And btw I didn't cut a word from your convos with other players.
    This is the full logs from the moment you joined the server to the moment you got banned:
    Enjoy yourself. Bye.

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  • Chewbacca.
    Hehe so if i try to know why he called me noob i break rules ? just look at the chat u cutted some words u are an corrupted admin u never told him to not stop saying me noob and when he called me noob i told you stop him or i start stoping him just like u told u ignored me then i insulted you for corrupting with that player then when i called corrupted admins something hurts you monno banned me sounds like i found an corrupted admin and i got banned and look what the admin told me at ban reason wtf u mean im not the once who insulting i dont care for ban in gamerx i played there for 3-4 years i always was soo im not asking you to remove my ban i can live without gamerx too i just asked u dont be corrupted from a fag like him thats all if u want ban me from forum too bye peace.

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  • Monno
    [23:57:30] <@GX-14> * Golden_eyes killed Chewbacca. (Sawnoff Shotgun)
    [23:57:33] <@GX-25> [31] Golden_eyes: noob
    [23:57:52] <@GX-17> [26] Chewbacca.: Yo kid dont call me noob u fucking cunt fag
    [23:57:55] <@GX-24> [26] Chewbacca.: Behave your mouth
    [23:57:57] <@GX-28> [12] Twitch[M]: be nice
    [23:57:58] <@GX-30> [25] [27]Elite: behave
    [23:58:03] <@GX-07> [26] Chewbacca.: He must be nie
    [23:58:03] <@GX-08> [31] Golden_eyes: /cry
    [23:58:04] <@GX-15> [26] Chewbacca.: He must be nice
    [23:58:09] <@GX-28> [57] [sS]Scoutz: it's.. ironic
    [23:58:15] <@GX-08> [52] [AC]Mike_seven: that was so ironic chewbacca
    [23:58:16] <@GX-09> [26] Chewbacca.: Cunt
    [23:59:01] <@GX-22> [25] [27]Elite: chewbacca you just got banned don't make it worse by mibehaving
    [23:59:10] <@GX-05> [26] Chewbacca.: Elite if someone call me noob idc for ban.

    Well first of all Golden_Eyes really meant you in this case:
    [01:56:02] <Monno> did you mean him?
    [01:56:04] <Monno> or not
    [01:57:28] <Golden_eyes> ye for him
    [01:57:44] <Golden_eyes> he was telepoting away all times
    Though your reaction was excessively impulsive

    Just in 20 minutes you tried to make another conflict involving me:
    [00:18:55] <@GX-12> [26] Chewbacca.: Monno dont run -.-
    [00:18:58] <@GX-16> [26] Chewbacca.: fight like a mant
    [00:19:02] <@GX-21> [16] TinaRex[M]: mant
    [00:19:06] <@GX-24> [12] Twitch[M]: rofl
    [00:19:21] <@GX-10> [16] TinaRex[M]: monno is a mant
    [00:19:25] <@GX-15> [5] Monno: yup
    [00:19:26] <@GX-16> [26] Chewbacca.: monno is bad
    [00:19:29] <@GX-23> [26] Chewbacca.: badd dogi
    [00:19:31] <@GX-24> [16] TinaRex[M]: nuuu
    [00:19:42] <@GX-07> [16] TinaRex[M]: monno is the best <3
    [00:19:53] <@GX-22> [26] Chewbacca.: Wrong he is the best loser
    I didn't emphasize this situation very much as I don't care of what kids tell me (lol I even ignored you at all).
    But now I really want to ask you: what was the reason to tell me to "fight like a man" and not "to run" as I just drove by you and totally was not fighting with you.
    Then you called me a "bad dogi" and the best loser. I did ignore the whole situation as, again, I don't care of what kids write in chat.
    But it seems that you tried to gain attention from me and wanted to rouse a conflict. I ignored.

    Then you were reported for breaking the rules:
    [00:21:29] <@GX-09> * Golden_eyes (ID: 31) reported Chewbacca. (ID: 26) for tele in fight + db in rz
    [00:22:57] <@GX-02> [26] Chewbacca.: Hi noob
    [00:23:28] <@GX-25> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Beer (ID:37) to Chewbacca. (ID:26): Just a reminder, do not driveby with 'autofix' enabled, put it off via: /af
    [00:23:33] <@GX-03> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Beer (ID:37) to Chewbacca. (ID:26):
    [00:23:38] <@GX-11> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Chewbacca. (ID:26) to Beer (ID:37): I gona kill that golden eyes
    [00:23:42] <@GX-14> [26] Chewbacca.: Golden u reporting me ?
    [00:23:45] <@GX-19> [26] Chewbacca.: Cunt fag dont call me noob
    [00:23:49] <@GX-24> [12] Twitch[M]: behave
    [00:23:54] <@GX-29> [26] Chewbacca.: Lol what ?
    [00:24:11] <@GX-21> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Beer (ID:37) to Chewbacca. (ID:26): Good behaviour for someone who has been unbanned not so long time ago
    [00:25:43] <@GX-24> [26] Chewbacca.: golden
    [00:25:45] <@GX-25> [26] Chewbacca.: nice tp in fight
    [00:25:46] <@GX-26> [31] Golden_eyes: ye
    [00:25:49] <@GX-02> [26] Chewbacca.: GG
    [00:25:54] <@GX-09> [31] Golden_eyes: woot ? xDDD
    [00:25:57] <@GX-14> [26] Chewbacca.: atleast i got balls
    Golden_Eyes only once called you a noob but you made a rancour of it. lol
    Moreover you kept swearing in a more mean tone.
    And once again you actually tried to attract some attention.

    [00:26:13] <@GX-04> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Chewbacca. (ID:26) to Beer (ID:37): Lol wait
    [00:26:16] <@GX-07> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Chewbacca. (ID:26) to Beer (ID:37): he called me noob
    [00:26:19] <@GX-11> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Chewbacca. (ID:26) to Beer (ID:37): what should i do ?
    [00:26:32] <@GX-30> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Beer (ID:37) to Chewbacca. (ID:26): ignore that
    [00:26:43] <@GX-12> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Chewbacca. (ID:26) to Beer (ID:37): then ignore me too while im instuling someone who insulted me
    [00:26:47] <@GX-17> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Chewbacca. (ID:26) to Beer (ID:37): u are corrupt or what ?
    Any idea why you called Beer a corrupted admin? Just because he recommended you to be nice?
    Anyway Golden_eyes only called you a noob and you used a foul language. Not ther same.

    [00:26:51] <@GX-23> [31] Golden_eyes: pro
    [00:26:57] <@GX-04> [26] Chewbacca.: Ye tping in fight
    [00:26:59] <@GX-07> [26] Chewbacca.: U call that pro ?
    [00:27:17] <@GX-23> [26] Chewbacca.: Go learn how to duel then talk with me Get off my nuts now
    In this situation you were the one who tried to stir up a conflict from nothing again. Though Golden_Eyes is much cleverer dude and just ignored whatever you wrote.

    Then you left and rejoined:
    [00:28:07] <@GX-18> [26] *** Chewbacca. has left the game. (Left)
    [00:28:43] <@GX-05> [12] *** Chewbacca. has joined the game.

    Then this:
    [00:28:57] <@GX-14> [12] Chewbacca.: Noob admins.
    [00:29:21] <@GX-28> [12] Chewbacca.: noob admins....
    [00:29:31] <@GX-14> [5] Monno: any good reason for such a conclusion?
    [00:29:33] <@GX-16> [12] Chewbacca.: Lol what ?
    [00:29:35] <@GX-17> [12] Chewbacca.: Beer wtf ?
    [00:29:43] <@GX-18> [12] Chewbacca.: Beer said that "noob" its not an insult
    [00:29:46] <@GX-19> [37] Beer: Chewbacca? Can I ask you something?
    [00:29:47] <@GX-20> [12] Chewbacca.: im not breaking any rules ?
    [00:29:54] <@GX-24> [12] Chewbacca.: Yes u can ofc
    [00:30:06] <@GX-30> [37] Beer: For which reason do u join GamerX?
    [00:30:12] <@GX-09> [37] Beer: Just a question
    [00:30:20] <@GX-15> [12] Chewbacca.: Do kill noobs here and to dm to take my angry away
    [00:30:36] <@GX-06> [5] Monno: and why are you so angry?
    [00:30:49] <@GX-16> [12] Chewbacca.: Admins like beer they make me angry
    [00:30:58] <@GX-23> [12] Chewbacca.: corrupted admins , players tp in fight
    You joined and started to call admins noobs.
    Once you were ignored you repeated it. (Again it just about you tried to seek some attention).
    You got my attention this time. I asked you for any valid reason to call us noobs.
    Then on a Beer's question why you play GamerX you answered that you kill "noobs" here and do dm to take your "angry" away.
    But then on my question what makes you angry you said admins like Beer - corrupted admins, players.
    Well it is totally inconsistently.
    It is about that you were already angry and joined the game to seek some attention and to piss off players, tps, admins.

    Too sad we have to deal with this.

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  • Chewbacca.
    Originally posted by Monno View Post
    I will reply to this post in a day as I don't have much time right now.

    Wait u just had time to ban me now u dont got time for unbanning me ? u kinda mad for this cuz right now u at server and u dont want me to get unbanned till tomorrow so i can learn my behavior but till players dont stop insulting me i not gona stop same thing i did was repsectful with players admins fucked its no the right time to tell the names just remove my bann kinda lame tonight.

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  • Beer
    Originally posted by Chewbacca. View Post
    GoodJob admins i play 4 years in gamerx with old nicks
    Playing for 4 years here in GamerX and still breaking rules?

    [22:23:44] <@GX-25> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from Beer (ID:37) to Chewbacca. (ID:26): Just a reminder, do not driveby with 'autofix' enabled, put it off via: /af
    You tried to kill someone in /ga with drive-by with Auto Fix enabled. I didn't punished you for that. I just only had send you a private message as reminder. To take care about your Autofix. It's kind from me, especially if you are playing here for '4 years'.

    The following quote is a part from the GamerX rules.
    Do not flame or insult other players needlessly.
    [22:23:58] <@GX-14> [26] Chewbacca.: Golden u reporting me ?
    [22:24:01] <@GX-19> [26] Chewbacca.: Cunt fag dont call me noob
    If you feeled that Golden_Eyes had insulted you by calling you a 'noob' you had to ask him to stop that. Or just PM an Admin and we will handle it. No need to insult other players.

    The following quotes are parts from your previous Ban Appeal that you had made yesterday.

    Extra information you would like to add:Hi lool im the bitching player who bitched at server some weeks ago i got banned maybe for that i would like to remove my ban so i can come again to play "without bitching"
    Yes it is true sory for what i did that not gona happend again. I would like to come to play again there
    You got unbanned today by Admin remi on behalf of Admin BreakDown and you did the same things today once again? I don't get it.

    Calling me a corrupt Admin because that I had muted you for insulting doesn't bother me at all. I am not corrupt, if I have to punish Trusted Players I will do that. But they have to break a rule first. I don't punish players WITHOUT any reason. I didn't saw anything bad from Golden_Eyes his side. If someone is calling me a 'noob' I don't care.

    How much players do I have to punish if they call someone a 'noob'? I think thousands of players. It's not an insult in my view of case. Noob is just another word for 'beginner'.

    But as I already told you, if someone annoys you by calling you 'noob' or whatever, use the /report command or PM any Admin in-game and we will handle it as I already said before. Just don't insult players back.

    1.7 Show respect to server admins at all times. This doesn't mean kissing our butts, but we expect you to refrain from abusing us or just generally being annoying to admins.
    [22:29:38] <@GX-28> [12] Chewbacca.: noob admins....
    You didn't had any good reason to call us a 'noob'. You only did it to try to annoy us.
    Last edited by Beer; 04-12-15, 01:01 AM. Reason: spell mistake

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  • Monno
    I will reply to this post in a day as I don't have much time right now.

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  • Noob admins. Idc if i break now a rule they broke too.

    Your name ingame:Chewbacca.
    The time/date your ban occurred:3-12-2015
    The name of the Admin that banned you:Monno
    The reason of the ban:"Oh just get away from here , kid"
    Extra information you would like to add: I would like to add first at all even if he is trusted player or smth else he cant call me noob and this admin cant call me kid wtf why i got banned ? just that i called an admin noob ? just for that like that yes ? and what Golden_eyes he called me noob i insulted him i get muted but when i asked an admin he said "noob" its not an insult it means i didnt insulted or anything any admin that admin was corrupted from Golden_eyes he asked him to ban me GoodJob admins i play 4 years in gamerx with old nicks i can say if u ask and i never got banned for this bullshit here. If u want dont remove my ban i told what i thought bye.Ye wait i remember gamerx admins was nice with me saying play here and where came this admin saying "get from this server off" : Photo..

    Click image for larger version

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