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Wtf why i'm banned( Reason: no reload)?

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  • Wtf why i'm banned( Reason: no reload)?

    Your name ingame: =(EG)=iRyan
    Your IP address: (PM Only)
    The time/date your ban occurred: 7:19PM (GMT+)
    The name of the Admin that banned you: Maze
    The reason of the ban: No Reload
    Extra information you would like to add: For the first time i tried to c-bugging and i found it cool and now im banned for "no reloaded". (I'm an old GamerX Member) i came here in grand opening with [AC] * tag (but it got changed and i didnt have acess again to that account.)
    As i know C-BUG allowed ingame (events e.t.c) not my fault cuz i c-bug.!
    My gta san andreas is clear i dont use any mods that affect servers or SA-MP. I use only car mods (im a car mod collector). i got GTA V Car Mods!
    I never used hack mods + cheat mods. (When i came here i came cuz i thought same owner of i99 made GamerX and i found it cool. I was playing for hours here in gamerx. I can't believe that i got banned. I spent alot of time in GamerX and have some fun with people.!

    Note: All people/admins here know that im not that kind of guy (that wants to hack to a server. Ask Pirate, ask CJ101, [AC]Bella or anyother boy/girl.! ** I'm a good guy not a bad guy **
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    You weren't using C-Bug, you were shooting continuously with the sawn-off shotguns without reloading. When I was checking you I made sure that you weren't on fire as I saw you get killed multiple times, re-spawn and then carry on spraying your bullets. I noticed that you also had around 10 hours in game so I took my time to check you before banning you. Just want to see how you reply to this before making my decision..

    Also, I honestly doubt you were using that 2-shot bug. I am 100% sure no one can switch between the sawn-off and another weapon as fast as you were switching.
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      Okey nevermind, i used CLEO: C-BUG. I admit that. Im a noob c-bugging. (and i searched in google for Auto C-Bug. & How to C-BUG).
      I Admit i used Auto C-Bugger.
      And sorry.
      From my nervous i used this kind of cleo cause i always wanted to c-bug but i coudnt i hate when people coming to me and c-bugging me.!
      I also wanted to learn for first time c-bug but i failed so much!And because today i got 5 - 8 times killed by c-bugger i was angry! I'm so sorry and i wont do it again promise.!
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        Ok so you've lied about not using any cheats in the original post but at least you've admitted to your mistakes now. In this case I have decided to let you play on a new account as long as you remove your cheats. Once you have done that reply to this thread and I'll unban your IP but your account will stay banned, just create a new one (your stats won't be reset, you'll be starting fresh). Make sure that this never happens again as if it does you won't get an unban. Read over the rules in case I havn't made myself clear enough for you.


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          i deleted everything with a backup files i had (with clear gta).
          And i didn't lied, i just dont want to get banned from gamerx (i have only this server in my samp list and i'm active only in gamerx.)
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            Ok, you are now free to join under a new nick.


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