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[Adrenaline][BFV]Diamondz ban appeal

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  • [Adrenaline][BFV]Diamondz ban appeal

    Your name ingame:[BFV]Diamondz
    The time/date your ban occurred:1min
    The name of the Admin that banned you:Andreline
    The reason of the ban:speed hacks and shits
    Extra information you would like to add:Show me the proof, I did not use shit lol.

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    Ok then so we are going to start with lies of i did not bla bla show me proof and stuffs what more proof than you racing and in a pursuit and with vehicle modes disabled even thought you can't speed boost in those i have mentioned without hacks so we are gonna still play games with lies ? instead of me giving you another chance your lies just prevents me and might extend punishment.

    so you decide how do you want it to go lies or admit and join again happily with no HACKS... the ball is in your hand you tell me.


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      my ball says admit, I did use it tho just gimme dis last chance.


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        nice that you have admitted next time there will be no mercy also stop mocking people and be cool and don't try admin commands on irc.

        Unbanned. but account remain banned since all of your stats weren't legit at all as you were using all kind of hacks including aimbot so get your kills from start without cheats
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