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[DeathBeatZ] Unban Requestion.

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  • [DeathBeatZ] Unban Requestion.

    Your name ingame:Beer
    Your IP address:
    The time/date your ban occurred:I think one ore two months ago.
    The name of the Admin that banned you:DeathBeatZ
    The reason of the ban: I am banned for hacking.
    Extra information you would like to add:I am banned for hacking. Acting like a child etc. Yes when people join the server, it says that cheat/hack not allowed is. And I know the rules, and in my first unban application I says that my brother or something was hacking. But that was a lie, I was the one who did it. I was with friends, and we were drinking some beers etc, so we were a little bit drunk, and making some fun in SA:MP servers. With hacking. In GamerX to. I am banned for it, and I see it was not smart to do that.I don't knowif you guys believe this story, but I am telling the truth thing. There are some people that was making trouble like me to in GamerX. Some people changes his self a lot. Hackers to. Yeah, it's maybe hard to believe me. But if I can have one chance to improve myself to you guys, I will show you that I am a very calm person. With a clean SA:MP without any hacks.

    Thanks for reading this.

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    IP Unbanned , but all your accounts will stay banned. Take this as second chance there won't be any other chances.
    I'm glad that you admited it.
    IP Unbanned ; Accounts Banned


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