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Ban appeal on behalf on friends(R47)

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  • Ban appeal on behalf on friends(R47)

    Their names In-game: Sfinx_17 & AwriL
    Their IP addresses:Not known
    Time/Date ban occurred:Not known
    The name of the Admin who banned them:Not known
    The reason of the ban:Breaking of server rules.
    Extra information you would like to add: Hello I'm R47(name In-game and forum). I've been playing Gamer X for very long time since 2009.My friends Sfinx_17 and AwriL were banned in your server a long time ago probably because of rule breaking(such as hacks, attempt to login as Admins,swearing). Their IP was range banned and they didn't post an appeal thinking that it would obviously be turned down. Now they would like to play here again but don't want to evade their ban unless they are allowed to play. Now I would like to appeal on behalf of them as requested. We became good friends in this server. Personally I've known these people and am sure they are not bad and although they are banned for strong reasons, they have surely learnt their mistakes. I will respond to any doubts over this matter and I am not lying nor denying the fact that they were once rule breakers. Their IP's may have changed. I hope you consider this appeal since its a very long time they were banned. Or atleast you can give me a positive reply with a solution to allow them to play with these nicknames in the future (Such as a score reset to start over again).Thank you. This is my first time on the forum and thanks for the welcome!
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    Their IPs are not banned anymore, just their accounts are. We unban previously banned IPs every not and then, so the records of their IP bans are gone, therefore we can no longer find out why they actually got banned back then.

    Your friends are free to play here again, but I am not going to unban their accounts. They'll have to register again and start from scratch, stats wont be recovered.


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      Thank you Bloodcell.


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