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read my ban appeal carefully

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  • read my ban appeal carefully

    Your name ingame:flogrils_[R]

    Your IP address:

    The time/date your ban occurred:today

    The name of the Admin that banned you: Cashewz

    The reason of the ban: bye [ alot of rulebreaking] not sure

    Extra information you would like to add: Today cashewz jailed me for i left[using tele] whn he was shooting me although i was not shooting him n according to me if its a freeroam server thn one shall not wait for other guy to kill thm coz its increase the deaths of players making our stats bad. I knw dat i was caught breaking rules after my last ban but i stoped after i talked to Rick. Today the time of my ban i was at red zone thn Toxic_ro came n i killed him so i thinks fight is over but whn he respawned he started killing me again so i went away, this was the exact thing dat happened before my ban.
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    You teleported to rinu while I was with him and rocketed him, after that when I was shooting at you and then you killed rinu and you had low hp, and you teleported. flogrils look, you are a really big rulebreaker and you never learn how to behave here. You got banned a lot of times and still don't learn. And that "toxic ro" part was the same as rinus, I was also shooting you and teleported away, and not only today, yesterday and a lot of days ago.

    When will you learn? No one wants you here, I won't unban you.

    and please, stop pming me thru IRC or via killer_[R]'s account to unban you


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      i m banned only 5 times n u got more than 10 times sooo ??? n u saying i cant learn if i havent learned in all dat bans


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        Originally posted by flogrils. View Post
        i m banned only 5 times n u got more than 10 times sooo ??? n u saying i cant learn if i havent learned in all dat bans
        if I got banned more than 10 times, atleast I changed ...


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          but compairing to u my 5 bans r still left


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            flogrils, this is the LAST chance I'm giving you, next time if I see you rulebreak, without anything you'll be banned.

            Temp ban for 2 days, June 11th.

            (Your account flogrils_[R] will stay banned tho)
            Last edited by Cashewz; 09-06-14, 10:44 PM.


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