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[ReZ]Ban Appeal

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  • [ReZ]Ban Appeal

    your name ingame:[e[X[cEss]EpiX_
    Your IP address:
    The time/date your ban occured:Sorry,I'm not sure but i think it was 2 or 3 days ago.
    The name of the admin that banned you:I can't remember him,All i can remember was his skin.
    The reason of the ban:Mega Jumps + Fake shoots from body
    Extra Information you would like to add:Ok let's have a big mouth about this first of all,i wasn't hacking,I was lagging alot that my ping reached up to 500+ so let's talk about the mega jumps.It is continously observed in most SA-MP Servers that if a player lags,He might do some overhigh actions.So i wasn't even mega jumping and what? Is there even a program or a software or even cleo file for that?.Ok about Fake shoots from body,I would like to say ''WTF'' -_-.How the hell i can do fake shoots from body,Well at that time i was using CBUG and nothing much.And still at that time i was lagging.So i request you guys to please unban me cause i wasn't hacking and i didn't do anything for that.

    Thanks alot.

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    This is not possible you can jump high with a lag and about the lag part you were shooting at all the directons while you were afk and the only time you were lagged out and gone afk was when your health left at 20-10% and you immediately came back after killing that guy.
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    [22:45] < Adrenaline > i agree


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      Well,i don't know how that happened...But i'm totally sure that i didn't do any type of hacks,So please what ever you saw,Will you please spare me?.


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        This is the second and last chance i'm giving you.
        Your account will stay banned only the ip will get un-banned.
        [22:45] < Adrenaline > well my face looks fat
        [22:45] < Adrenaline > i agree


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          Please,I need my account back.


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