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  • unban request

    our name ingame: breakdown
    Your IP address:
    The time/date your ban occurred:9:49pm
    The name of the Admin that banned you:adrenaline
    The reason of the ban:aimbot
    Extra information you would like to add: i m not use any aimbot i was afk then i mback and tele to spawn kill 2 players and u ban me , i m not aimbotter
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    I must admit u are good guy but the hacking part of u just makes you such a bad player tbh, you know u shouldn't use hacks here are proofs u posted ur self on forum that shows clearly u are using aimbot

    I was specing since i came in game and u were clearly shooting without missing a shot u are also using no spread/recoil aswell as u can see ur aim mark(wont show a video of the hack cos it includes link) is too small so lets make a deal if u admit ur mistake since i really like u for how helpful u are and reporting bugs and stuffs but this just makes me so disappointed. Well, so it's better if u admit it and i can give u a chance which is unbaning ur ip and letting u play with another account if u keep on with ur lies i'll just count this as perm ban.
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      I dont Use/own Hack If i Aimbot why i send Admin my hack videos.I was testing this bugs .and i send some videos to rick about it and it was bug i dont know how it works and i seen it first time also when i tested this bug with rick on other server it also happens same


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        I know how aimbot looks like and how real aiming is explain why ur aim marker is small because u are using no spread and also u are using aimbot clearly u switch from a player to other while u aim thats how aimbot looks like u are clearly using aimbot no one would be aiming at enemy then switch to aim/shoot his team mate so u still not going to admit it think wisely if u dont wanna get perm ban if u lie u just make things worse.
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          I admit that I used hack As in video you can see .but there is nothing else Only Aimbot That marker its crosshair if you want i can provide it.I am feeling bad Guilty i am really sorry for that and i will try to enter gamerx next time when i really get rid of cheats and i hope you will unban me or i will wait for your chance and i will not evade as well


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            First things first: remove your cheats/hacks (aimbot). You cannot use anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.

            As usual, we will unban your IP address but NOT your account ([ATM]BreakDown) so you will need to create a NEW account. Your old stats will be lost as a punishment for using the aimbot.

            Disappointed in you... lets hope this time you play fairly.

            Unbanned (IP only).

            [17:46] <~Matite> !unbanip
            [17:46] <@GX-01> * The IP Address has been unbanned (in GamerX v4)...
            [17:46] <@GX-01> * [ATM]BreakDown previously banned by Admin Adrenaline on 2014-07-06 18:14:28 for aimbot
            Edit: you can use your old name... Rick deleted your account so you can start again with the same name.
            Last edited by Matite; 07-07-14, 09:57 AM.


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              We are a bit disappointed to see one of our best regular player in this situation. I still don't understand why you used hacks on our server. You had the best stats in GamerX... Your act will stay mysterious for me, and I guess for a lot of other persons in our community.

              At GamerX, we give everyone their chance, and you will get your chance too. But you will loose everything. It will maybe hurt you, but that's the price to pay for your act.

              Because you helped me to report bugs, I can delete your old account to allow you to use your old nickname.

              I hope you are conscient of your act and you will take this as a lesson.


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