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    Your name ingame: [Mars]Striker
    The time/date your ban accurred: i forgot months ago
    The name of the admin that banned you: [S]olaimane
    The reason of the ban: aimbot(True)
    Extra information you would like to add: nothing to say

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    Looks like you really want to play in this server that's why you keep spamming me every day. However, I was willing to unban you today as that was your first ban, but then an Admin sent me this:
    TheUnknownSquad (IP:39.**.**.**) banned by Admin [7NA]Evil_ on 2018-10-10 14:19:09 for no reload.
    I was going to completely unban your account, though after seeing this I changed my mind and your account won't be unbanned, Moreover, you can start playing with a new account and consider this as a last chance.
    Your old account will remain banned. You can start by playing with a new name.


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      just delete my account bruh no way i dont wanna play woth the new one its up to you if u want let me play or not i am not the one going to decide that u r admin u r going to decide it and if u let me play with the older fun it will be cool or not i cant do anything u can do whatever u thinks its right to do !! if the answer is no then bye my friends and please give the cookies and cakes to Legend27 the cookies and cakes belongs to him.


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