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[UNBANNED]why i have be ban

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  • [UNBANNED]why i have be ban

    hello my name is chris in gamer x me and my brother name is [ARMY]starboy_CJ and [ARMY]starboy_CJ why have u ban us

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    [20:14:59] <GX-04> * 1) [army]starboy7_CJ (IP: banned by Admin pride on 2013-10-17 22:01:23 for cheats
    You were banned by admin Pride, please wait for his reply.


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      You're not allowed to use any kind of cheat that gives you an advantage over others. your "brother" was clearly using them (jumping like an admin and scaling walls + ab, etc ) and with you your vehicle was acting so weird same as your brother. when i saw you standing without a vehicle you were slowly moving like if you were moving arrows for your cleo menu.

      i'm not unbanning your "brother" but if you want to clearly something about you go and let it roll
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        Re-opened as requested

        If you PM me (here, on IRC, or in-game), please get straight to the point. A lot of people message me and I would like to get to everyone; but that's difficult if the messages are just "hi".


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          ok thanks but my brother mods for stunts,i am not using cleo for killing are disturbing nobody cause i dont like when people come and kill me, i just have cleo for cars like bmw and other stuff if thats is ok and if i can be unbanned
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            sorry my brother name is [ARMY]starboy_TJ and my is [ARMY]starboy_CJ


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              <GX-10> * Success danilo, the account for player name [army]starboy7_CJ has been unbanned (in GamerX v3)
              i didnt unban your brother but you can join back
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