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  • REJECTED: Application

    ■ Ingame Information ■
    1. Ingame name: Zanturno

    2. Previous names: Legend27 | Raz45

    3. Since when you play SA:MP?: 2015 (2017 if gamerx)
    4. Your GamerX score: 14500
    5. Total time spent in-game: 930+ hours

    6. Did you test/use any kind of cheats, trainers or hacks? (if yes explain which ones, don't lie): No.

    7. Are you using some mods? (if yes tell us which ones): Weapon, Timecyc, Skin, Vehicles.

    8. Other games you play: PUBG, fortnite, TF2, and random steam games.

    9. Previous clans: no official clans but random ones.

    10. Why did you leave those clans?: dead

    11. Have you ever applied to a clan which denied you, if so then why did you get denied?: AK, being in another clan.

    12. Has anyone invited you to make an application, if so who?: none

    13. Why would you like to join [7NA]? (Explain): I would love to join Seven Nation Army, as i have some friends there.

    14. In which case would you leave the clan: Kicked, dead clan.

    15. How would you describe your loyalty?: Never lied about anything, I don't insult anyone (now), I'm friendly. and a Trusted Player.

    ■ Gameplay ■
    Describe your activity: Well i'm good in DMing.

    (Rate from 0 to 10)

    Deagle: 7

    Shotgun: 8

    M4/ak/mp5: 7

    Spas: 2

    Sniper: 10

    Rifle: 3


    Tec9: 5

    ■ Extra Information ■
    Scripting knowledge: Not that good.

    Photoshop knowledge: shit

    Video editing knowledge: shit
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    One of our Managements was disagree with the accepting, Denied this time, you can re-apply after 1 month. (01.02.2019)
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