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  • REJECTED: [M4]Application

    Username (Ingame): Santy_

    Any previous name: No.

    Any previous Clan: No.

    Age: 17

    Country: Egypt.

    Kills: 3400

    Races won: 18 races won

    Duels won: 399 duels won

    Hours: 159 H

    Do you speak English (Yes/No | 0% - 100%): Yes | 70 %.

    Were you invited by a captain? No.

    Special skills ingame: Cbug , 2shoot and races.

    Special personal skills: I am good to use Photoshop.

    Prefered Weapons to duel: Desert Eagle and Shotgun.

    Prefered car to race: Infernus or Nrg-500.

    How long you have been playing SA:MP? 6 years.

    Why you want to join to [M4]: Well to be honest,The M4 Clan has mature and helpful players,SO i'd like to join them

    and also weird and funny,and M4 is a good clan

    Edit : I not active Because i have a lot of lessons From now on I'm open every day

    Last edited by Santy_; 11-06-17, 07:20 AM.

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    Today first time I've seen you in-game :d
    Sorry but you need to be more Active. -1


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      I have a school and a lot of lessons and I have been tested Thank u


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        NO from me.

        I never see you in game too.

        You aren't active in game You need to more active at game..

        You didn't meet the requirements,
        1. Know fight in duels (2shots, cbugs and others) or Attend races, be a good racer.
        2. Have more than 2000 kills (you can check it with /score).
        3. Have 160 Hours in Game. (e can be exceptions)
        4. You must not be in other clan.
        5. You must read all clan rules.
        6. You must have at least 160 races won.
        7. You must have at least 110 duels won.
        8. You can't apply if you have less than two weeks without clan.
        9. You can't have different names.
        10. If you have been in [ATM] Clan you may not post an application until 2 weeks after leaving the clan, this requirement is agreed by leaders from both clans.
        11. You must have a good behaviour.
        Requirements and App Format [READ BEFORE POSTING]


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          You must meet the requirements.
          You may re-apply on July 12th

          RULES M4


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          Most users ever online was 8,052 at 08:02 PM on 11-03-18.