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  • REJECTED: Joining clan [M4]

    Username(ingame): .Asuka
    Any previous name: .Shogun. , Phim.Heo , LeMinhQuan,...
    Any previous clan:[LC] , [Dx],...
    Races Won:273
    Duels Won:507
    Time spent in game:19999 minutes (333 hours)
    Do you speak English: (Yes/No / 0% - 100%):50%
    Were you invited by a captain? Yes/No Who?:No
    Special Skills ingame:Cbug,2shot
    Prefered weapons to duels:Sawn Off,Desert Eagle
    Prefered cars to race:Infernus,Bullet,NRG500,
    How long you have been playing SA:MP:2 years
    Why you want to join to [M4]?: Because in the clan is very friendly and has Pro,i want to follow good friends in it
    Why did you select M4 to join?: Because this is a good clan for me
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    i didn't know you didn't saw you ingame , make sure to talk & to duel with M4 members so we can know who you are pls.

    My Vote will be No for me.


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      Try to be more Active ingame and hangout with M4 clan members. Also, I don't know anything about your skills so I can't vote for you right now. Try to catch me in game as soon as possible.


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        xD i dont see you ingame ... Try to be more Active ingame + forums . it NO for now

        Good luck


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          NOT me too, So my brothers say no one ever saw you in the game ... Try to get more involved with the members of the [M4] ... And i also saw you breaking several rules ... That's not good .... First try to follow the rules. I do not want a rulerbreaker like brother. This would get very bad for the clan. Second try to get in the way of the other members of the clan talking and inviting them to duels ...
          Good luck


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            You must meet the requirements.
            You may re-apply on August 9th

            RULES M4
            REQUIREMENTS M4


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