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  • ACCEPTED: Pikachou's App

    Username(ingame): Piakchou
    Any previous name: Ci_ZeR
    Any previous clan: [AV]
    Age: 15+
    Country: Algeria
    Kills: +3700
    Races Won: 100
    Duels Won: +500
    Hours: 14846 minutes (247.43 hours - 10.31 days)
    Do you speak English (Yes/No | 0% - 100%): 80%
    Were you invited by a Captain? Yes/No Who?: No
    Special Skills ingame: Dueler .. Good in events and little mapper
    Special Personal Skills: Well photoshop and modding
    Prefered weapons to duel: Deagle .. M4 .. Sniper
    Prefered cars to race: Sultan - infernus - nrg
    How long you have been playing SA:MP? : 2 years
    Why you want to join to [M4]: Well the players are pro and the caln is one of the oldest and Famous Clans here in GX
    Why did you select M4 to join in: The clan is going to be dead . i'm trying to join the clan from months i worked hard to meet all the requirements
    P.S : i'm not an old player i just changed my tag, also most of the clan members doesn't know me well cuz they are inactive
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    I will give you a chance
    Tell me your name wtih M4 and country to add to the list.


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