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Vishwajit's Appeal

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  • REJECTED: Vishwajit's Appeal

    Username(ingame): Vish
    Any previous name: [V]ishwajiT
    Any previous clan: no
    Age: 9
    Country: India
    Kills: 2017
    Races Won: 14 only (DM-ER only) sorry..
    Duels Won: 184
    Hours: 148.37 hours
    Do you speak English (Yes/No | 0% - 100%): 90% (rest 10% if am bad at any point in english)
    Were you invited by a Captain? Yes/No Who?: no
    Special Skills ingame: Cbug+Headshot
    Special Personal Skills: I know to Scripting but amxx Codes not amx
    Prefered weapons to duel: Deagle ,Sawn-off ,Shotgun ,combat shotgun ,Sniper
    Prefered cars to race: Infernus,Elegy
    How long you have been playing SA:MP? 2 Years
    Why you want to join to [M4]: I wanted To join m4 Because it is The most Active clan i can see ingame and also i like the M4 Too much <3 Because m4a1-s is one of my fav CS GO weapon.
    Why did you select M4 to join in: Because i Was in love for M4 clan from my first join in GamerX.
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    What you expected here?

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    First,i will start with your requirements, You did not finish your 100 race not even close to it.
    And as Kenneth said : If you don't meet all the requirements, Do not post your application it will be denied.

    Second,you are a big liar and M4 clan members should have the experience and the quality :

    Originally posted by Vish View Post
    Why you want to join to [M4]: I wanted To join m4 Because it is The most Active clan i can see ingame and also i like the M4 Too much &amp;lt;3 Because m4a1-s is one of my fav CS GO weapon.
    Active ? nah that's not the thing you told me in game here it is :


    And the last thing i want to add : you asked me to vote for your application after one day of applying to us, i waited 1 week and others waited for a time you should be patient .


    Sorry ... it's a No from me . Good luck
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      The most implortant proves that you said what i didnt mean i wanted that soemone even reply no i dont care because i only wanted a reply and also m4 is still my love and its too active for me. What big lier huh say me which thing in my whole gx life when i did biggest lie? Its like killing self with loads of lie i know what is quality.

      This podt not means i hated your post etc its just to say the thing you put right there which arent my problems.
      About racing its just restart if my life in gx after chargers ban i always join events i like dm alot so i like "oh see a race ohh the race closed because there were no players"
      So i was eligible to join as my mind said.
      What you expected here?


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        Pictures are prove about what you said/didn't say
        And about " i didn't want someone to reply " here what you said :

        In that pic you asked me to reply also your English .. it doesn't looks like 90%
        My vote will not change, Last post good luck !

        Edit :

        i wanted to add this ... you were banned on 13/05/2018 and applied to use on 15/05/2018
        You have to stay a while then apply to M4
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          anyways peace and waiting for other m4 members
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          What you expected here?


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            You must meet the requirements.
            You may re-apply on jun 12th

            RULES M4
            REQUIREMENTS M4


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