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    1. Do not insult your clan partners it means things like racist comments (3 warnings and you will be kicked out).
    2. Hacking not allowed.
    3. Cheating not allowed.
    4. If you got banned from the server, you will be kicked out from the clan.
    5. Do not recruit if you aren't Leader.
    6. Do not annoy other players.
    7. Members must use only 1 name in games, forums, etc, to prevent confusion.
    8. You must say to the clan when you will become inactive and how long you will be inactive.
    9. If you change your ingame name, let us know about it send a PM by forums to leaders.
    10. You can't be in any other clans, groups, squads, etc.
    11. If a member quits or retires, he can return as member of the clan without application, if it's approved by all Captains and Leaders. He may not return to any leadership or captain positions.
    12. Follow all rules from servers, we don't want rulebreakers in [M4].
    13. All member of the Clan will wear the clan Tag “[M4]” at the end of their names. (You may use “[]” in the tag, can’t be used as “()” or “{}”).
    14. Issues with clan (members) may be brought to leaders through Private Messages in forums. Leaders will make a decision on the issue and put it to vote by captains if deemed necessary.
    15. Issues with Captains may be brought to Head Captain (to Leader if it’s necessary) through Private Messages in forums.
    16. Issues with Leaders may be brought to Owners through Private Messages in forums.
    17. You can ask for captain help in case of Leaders absence.
    18. Any new captain must be in a trial period for the Rank if the member shows that doesn’t deserve the Rank, will be automatically demoted to member.
    19. If a Captain is failing to accomplish his or her duties, that Captain may be removed and degraded to member.
    20. All Captains should respect their Head Captain, he’s able to take decisions against captains.
    21. Any problem against captains, may be controlled by “Head Captain”.
    22. If Head Captain has retires, quits, leave, been demoted, been promoted etc. The Head Captain will be reassigned to another captain by Leaders.

    Head Captain.

    As “Head Captain” you must show respectful and maturity, there will be only 1 Head Captain, and he/she must be respected for all Captains.

    1. You can suggest a member for captain Rank.
    2. You may take decisions for all Captains group.
    3. You may take the responsability of your position and of your captain group.
    4. Every announcement for captains will be firstly announced to you, and you must announce to captains.
    5. You can be demoted if you are not doing your job correctly.
    6. You are allowed to warn captain members and members if they are doing something wrong, we trust on you, you can degrade captains, you must have a correct reason.
    7. You can use the “M4 Head Captain” Signature.


    The Captainship is the second organization after "Leaders and Co-Leaders", you guys are standing out as law in clan.

    1. You are able to warn members if they are doing something wrong.
    2. You can use the “M4 Captain” Signature.
    3. You are able to ask for a signature with your name to Kenneth.
    4. You can suggest new rules or new requirement for the clan, your suggestion require the 3/4 approval of all captains (including you) and if it does it will be added.
    5. You are allowed to invite players to apply to our clan, as captain we trust on you and we know that you want the best for the clan.
    6. If you warn a player more than 3 times and you have proof of it, talk with your Head Captain, he will talk with Leaders about that and they will take a decision.
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