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Pikachou's Third Application

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  • REJECTED: Pikachou's Third Application

    Your information

    - Real Name: Mohamed
    - Age: 16
    - Country: Algeria
    - Do you speak fluent English? (IMPORTANT): Of Course
    - What other languages do you speak?: Arabic.. French And little Spanish


    In-game Information

    - Nickname: Pikachou
    - Previous nicknames: Ci_ZeR..Leo_Adem..AssAssIng_XD
    - Previous clans (and why you left): No clan.. .[AV] i joined that clan before my 2nd app for no reason owner invited me
    -Trusted Player or Admin : no


    Introduce yourself

    - Tell us about yourself: Gamer care about life more Facebooker
    - Why did you decide to apply to us?: Well i know all the members and most of them my friends and that clan is famous
    - What should we expect from you during your app period?: I'll be helpful. .and I'll improve my skills
    - Were you invited by a clan member of S? If yes, by who?: no


    SA-MP Information

    - Your weapon set? (if you have a secondary set, tell us): Deagle. Sawn off. Mp4.. Uzi
    Second : Katana Deagle Spas 12 Sniper
    - How long have you been playing SA:MP?: i directly joined GX in 17/05/2016
    - Did you ever cheat or use illegal programs?: Single Mod
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    maybe you didnt understand hoia's comment

    it's too early to reapply.
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      Improve your behavior and actions, your look childish.
      No for now.


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        Don't re-apply again.


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