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  • ACCEPTED: Appzz


    Your Information

    - Real Name (OPTIONAL): Flavio - Age (OPTIONAL): 18
    - Country (OPTIONAL): Perú
    - Do you speak fluent English? (IMPORTANT): Yes
    - What other languages do you speak?: Spanish


    In-game Information

    - Nickname: Churre
    - Previous nicknames: Churre with tags
    - Previous clans (and why you left): [ATM], got kicked, first I said I'd probably leave 'cause of my first unban (I WAS FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE), but then got PMed to remove ATM tag, [.ZF.], left it to make my own clan [CST] - [UG], then I left my own clan.
    -Trusted Player or Admin : Trusted Player


    Introduce yourself

    - Tell us about yourself: Well y'all know me in-game, I like killing players, dueling players, I like a lot Deathmatch and I'm a cool guy, in real life I'm a active guy that likes messing around sometimes heheh
    - Why did you decide to apply to us?: I was invited to the clan + cool players on the clan ;]
    - What should we expect from you during your app period?: Patience
    - Were you invited by a clan member of S? If yes, by who?: Hoia and Kritical


    SA-MP Information

    - Your weapon set? (if you have a secondary set, tell us): Sawn Off, Uzi, Deagle.
    - How long have you been playing SA:MP?: I played for first time in 2013, on 2013 I joined sometimes to this server but with other nicknames I don't remember, also I never registered my accounts on 2013 xD, I stopped playing on 2014 and I came back on 2016 or 2017.
    - Did you ever cheat or use illegal programs?: I used aimbot, it was the first time I got banned (The main reason why some players didn't trust me on my next ban appeals when I was really innocent).

    EXTRA NOTE: Time ago I said I didn't like joining clans, but now I changed my opinion
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    You're a cool guy, your behaviour is good, never see anything bad from you.
    It's a YES from me.

    Hope you'll be loyal.
    Good Luck!

    you sucks


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      Yes mi amor


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        Yes from me


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          • Have Good Behaviour with everyone
          • Trusted Player
          • Good Enough to Join [S]
          Enough Reasons to Give you a Yes!
          Good Luck!


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            Yes For me ,Chuhax<3


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