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    Our IRC channels are located on the network ( and can be accessed by connecting to

    >> Check this topic if you would like to use desktop/PC IRC client <<


    #gamerx - This is our official echo channel, ingame messages and chat will be shown in here, and you can use commands such as !say, !pm and !tpm to communicate with the server.

    #gamerx-chat - This is our official chat channel, you can discuss anything you want here.

    Other channels of interest

    #sa-mp - The official channel for San Andreas Multiplayer.

    #sa-mp.scripting - Official channel for sa-mp scripting help.

    #help - Official help channel for the network.

    #operhelp - Channel for help that requires an IRC Operator.


    !say - Speak to the server, your message will be shown ingame for everyone to see.
    !tpm - Send a message to ingame trusted players.
    !pm - Send a private message to an ingame player.
    !tp - Show the current player count.
    !tps - Display a list and count of the current online trusted players.
    !admins - Display a list and count of the current online admins.

    IRC Rules

    * Do not chat in #gamerx as this channel is for echoing and using commands.
    * Use common courtesy and avoid from insulting, flaming or being offensive
    * Do not post porn or illegal materials (including links to warez and illegal downloads)
    * Be sure to read and follow the network rules using /motd
    * Bots and scripts are not allowed in the gamerx echo channel

    * Failure to follow these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Also note that network staff may ban you for not following the network's rules and this is outside our jurisdiction.

    Read in another language: العربية | Deutsch | Espańol | Romānă | Русский
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