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  • Robo

    Date: 22/7/2017 , 9AM
    Ingame name: Warrior.Crazy[AK]
    Admin name: Robo
    Other details(images, irc logs, et):

    This is my explanation.It is written and sent to all players or admins on gamerxsever.I want to be told and assert again "I do not do" -Jimmy, Yoven, Sailesh and many members went to my friend's sever (I did not advertise it on gamerxsever because I was a Trusted Player). I've advertised it on my personal account (Facebook) and a lot of my friends came to support it.
    - Jimmy says he lost the gamerxsever account and blamed me for "I stole his account." I would like to be able to explain this +I do not know Jimmy or a fake jimmy (maybe his best friend "Hieu" I'll mention later). He joined the game and told me "He is Jimmy". According to you, should I believe it is true? The answer is yes". Because that is his account (look at stats). He said "he is tired of gamerxsever and he decides to stop playing" I was also a little surprised but I also believe in that. He sent me all he has (cookies.cakes). I was foolish to believe it. It was just a trap or maybe it was true (his account was stolen by someone).
    =>I will split the two doctrines
    - First: His account was taken by his best friend. I would like to mention here that it is "Troller or Hieu". Jimmy had previously stolen his account and moved all of his "cookies, cakes" into his personal account before (You can check and confirm the truth). "Troller" can go back to the enemy and blame me and break my relationship with Jimmy. He pretended to be close with Jimmy. Right now he's got a goal Jimmy has taken a 15k score account for him. "Do you think they are really close? If you are, you will suddenly forgive someone who has cheated and betrayed you." Please consider this point. Is he really the one who hides the face behind all this.If all this is true then I do not blame Jimmy
    - Second: The two of them really got along with each other to create a great drama. One person join in the sever and sends me all (to prove that I'm a thief). Another person on the forum and post "Hacker Hacked account". Why do I have to get his account (You will say that because I want to get his cookies, cakes). Really do I want to get it? The answer is no. If I really need it, then I did not send it to friends before. I sent a lot of cookies, cakes to many people and my friends. Because I dont really need them => As you think? If I had to choose why I chose Jimmy instead of Yoven. Yoven account is level 2. It will be worth more. => I have done a good job of a TP. You can choose to believe or not believe. This is my explanation.
    Thanks for watching
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    The server is owned by you, since the ip address of you matched with it. There is no need to lie as i already show you the proof before. I took this decision fairly as you were also previously warned by another admin for another rulebreak, so i demoted you. Whoever is it i don't like to see how you blame others when the proof says that you are working together. If it wasn't your server, it wouldnt have your name on it, and your friend wouldn't transfer the cookies to you. You even give it to your other friend like it was a cut. You wouldn't choose Yoven because you know that it was hard to hack him. I'm neither on jimmy's side or you's, i put jimmy's account locked and did not give him new password, i also banned your friend from IRC (for advertising & impersonating), and then i removed your TP status for being behind this all, your cookies/cakes/icecreams/biscuits also reset because you didn't tell me the truth. Since you don't deserve the "Trusted player" label who makes other player in danger/scammed.

    I also have logs from Management Izayoi and the screenshots from the reporter, all managements already alerted about this until we finally find conclusion that it was also you that caused jimmy's password got hacked when being logged in with a proxy, fake id, and changed name in order to avoid admins attention. But what's funny is that you are the one first to know that Jimmy's account hacked.
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      We wont loose our time with morons who invite our players to their servers (by adverising their server in our own server) to steal our player's passwords.


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