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  • Admin Complaints

    Date: 24.6.2018, Around 17:20 PM
    Ingame name: Leon[GSF]
    Admin name: DeclanIsKing
    Description:He teleported me somewhere and froze me, I was frozen and he just pissed on me, and few seconds later i had red screen and it wrote ----FUCK YOU---- FUCK YOU----
    Other details(images, irc logs, et):

    And I am sorry for insulting, I was really angry...
    Last edited by Leon; 24-06-18, 05:53 PM.

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    When I came back from being AFK I saw you typed in Global Chat ''Delija is an asshole''.

    So I poked you and told you to be nice.

    You then called all admins assholes so I muted you for 1 minute.

    I scrolled up the chat to see that you also insulted Robo_N1X and he was asking you why you insulted him.

    When you got unmuted you kept insulting us so I muted you for 2 minutes.

    You got unmuted and started ranting about how Muaaz was demoted unfairly or some shit and that we are assholes.

    So I used /fuckyou on you because you wouldn't stop flaming us.

    If you don't want to be treated like this then don't treat others like that!

    [16:16:32] <@GX-07> [55] Leon[GSF]: You little peaces of shit
    [16:16:54] <@GX-23> [55] Leon[GSF]: Little pieces of shit
    [16:17:52] <@GX-21> [55] Leon[GSF]: You are dickhead, Muaaz was the best guy here
    [16:18:27] <@GX-05> [55] Leon[GSF]: Delija is asshole too
    [16:18:33] <@GX-07> * Admin DeclanIsKing[27] (ID:35) poked Leon[GSF] (ID:55)
    [16:18:44] <@GX-21> [55] Leon[GSF]: Muaaz was best
    [16:18:49] <@GX-26> [55] Leon[GSF]: And you demoted him without a reason
    [16:19:11] <@GX-21> [55] Leon[GSF]: You little assholes
    [16:19:40] <@GX-24> [55] Leon[GSF]: Assholes
    [16:19:40] <@GX-28> * Admin DeclanIsKing[27] (ID:35) has muted Leon[GSF] (ID:55)
    [16:19:47] <@GX-12> [>> %#gamerX] * PM from DeclanIsKing[27] (ID:35) to Leon[GSF] (ID:55): be nice, you don't even know the situation of Muaaz
    [16:20:41] <@GX-08> * Admin AutoUnmute (ID:999) un-muted Leon[GSF] (ID:55)
    [16:21:01] <@GX-16> [55] Leon[GSF]: I know his situations you little ugly motherfuckers
    [16:21:05] <@GX-21> [55] Leon[GSF]: I know his situation you little ugly motherfuckers
    [16:21:15] <@GX-03> * Admin DeclanIsKing[27] (ID:35) has muted Leon[GSF] (ID:55)
    It's good you apologised but you cannot apologise and still complain about me. If you truly apologised you would accept the punishments you got.



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      If you start insulting people you will get punished,

      Declan handled the situation in a good manner.
      Theres no school like the old school and im the fucking headmaster.


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