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  • Panzehir

    Ingame name:Elder[LW]
    Admin name:Panzehir
    Description:He just banned me for saying "ok boss and ban him too cuz i got banned for that reason",wth is this? before he just muted me cuz i said bad girl.. i said nothing else when he banned me.he should have done it to nancy too if he did it to me cuz she said i may get retina cancer. isnt that insult then.such a .... admin
    Other details(images, irc logs, et):

    some pics

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    I did not ban you for "ok boss and ban him cuz i got banned for that reason" this has nothing to do with the ban. Also i did not mute you for saying "bad girl". The reason why i muted Nancy and you was because you both were attacking each other and insulting each other. I said something about it before, none listed me. You should stop acting that you are the smartest person in the server, You should start respecting Players/TPs/Admins and not provoking every user who is playing on the server. A lot of admins said you should stop doing it, you said that you were doing it just for fun, that fun made you banned for final.
    You are temporary banned for 2 days, unbanning on 05.02.2019. Im pleasing you not to evade any bans as it will make you permanent banned, also im pleasing you start respecting everyone on the server, fix that mistake.


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      on my screen you didnot muted nancy,i have no problem with nancy he/she is good.but why u muted me just for attacking?and when i insulted her? i just said bad girl to her when she said that i may get retina cancer... its not a disrespect..


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        and can u give me screenshots of "provocation and insult" i did due to which u banned me if u say u didnot banned me for saying bad girl and ok boss?


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          Did not muted Nancy? I did both of you
          Line 3199508: [03/02/2019 - 15:34:43] <12@GX-16> 07,02* Admin PANZEHIR (IRC) has muted Nancy (ID:1)
          Line 3199515: [03/02/2019 - 15:34:53] <12@GX-23> 07,02* Admin PANZEHIR (IRC) has muted Elder[LW] (ID:58)
          Line 3199334: [03/02/2019 - 15:28:08] <12@GX-25> 2[58] 7Elder[LW]: ok bcz u are bc?
          Line 3199340: [03/02/2019 - 15:28:14] <12@GX-29> 2[58] 7Elder[LW]: bc=born cute dont worry
          [03/02/2019 - 15:34:36] <12@GX-10> 2[1] 7Nancy: hope you have a retina cancer
          You both what problem have? According to me you both were having personal issue. This BC does not mean "born cute" this BC is an insult in Pakistan. BC=Bhenchood which means sister fucker.
          Last edited by PANZEHIR; 04-02-19, 02:05 PM.


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            great than u should have muted warrior,zan and everyone else who said bc right?but u didnot muted them u just muted me for sayin bc


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              Line 3199283: [03/02/2019 - 15:26:42] <12@GX-08> 2[1] 7Nancy: elder stop
              Line 3199293: [03/02/2019 - 15:26:56] <12@GX-19> 2[1] 7Nancy: stay away from me wtf
              Line 3199508: [03/02/2019 - 15:34:43] <12@GX-16> 07,02* Admin PANZEHIR (IRC) has muted Nancy (ID:1)
              Line 3199509: [03/02/2019 - 15:34:44] <12@GX-17> 07,02* Muted Player Nancy (ID:1) tried to say: youre annoying as shi
              As you said you both were joking right? If you both were joking, why she will say this "elder stop" once again, according to me you both were having personal issue, none of you listed the instruction which were given from us.

              EDIT: Today you evaded your ban, i said unban date 05.02.2019 (tomorrow)
              Last edited by PANZEHIR; 04-02-19, 03:33 PM.


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                The logs say everything, case closed.
                * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): thanks sir for rejecting my TP application
                * PM from Vishwajit_king (ID:74) to Left (ID:31): sir i love admins like u


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