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    Datum: 14.4.2019
    Ime datoteke : AwpMaSteR
    administratora: [7NA]PANZEHIR
    Opis: He has banished me many times many times and now let me have a lot of evidence for the goal I want to see for the purpose, and I will give a check we are not interested in what if you can be carried out hopefully now shake my evidence
    Ostale pojedinosti (slike, irc logovi, et): /

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    i personally dont know what mistake did i do, you are one of the players with record bans in-game, at least 150+. Indeed last time i banned you for aimbot
    <@GX-04> * 1) AwpMaSteR (IP:*.*.*.*) banned by Admin [7NA]PANZEHIR on 2019-04-13 11:09:34 for aimbot (Jovo/Mici ban evasion)
    Also dont forget you are extremely breaking the forum rules, like posting in Trusted Player application, posting in international boards fun stuff like memes, pictures etc (these languages which you have nothing to do)
    Last time when you posted in a Trusted Player thread, it got removed by Evil_. After seeing this i decided to send you a forum message.

    Message to you
    13-04-19, 12:48 PM

    Posting in trusted player/ban appeals boards can get you a temp forum ban. Its count as forum rule-breaking.
    Im 100% sure you ignored it.

    Also you are good since you got Serbian admins like Delija/Adriana/Jovan, they were helping you a lot and nothing was fixed.
    Last edited by PANZEHIR; 15-04-19, 10:18 PM.


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      Wait, wait, wait, you read it a bit well, send me to see that buckwheat buckwheat?


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