In order to avoid some administrative problems (thanks flogrils), and to keep a trace on passwords that we reset, players have to post here to reset their password if they lost it. Note that you must post a request here to reset your password, and requests on IRC will be ignored.

Thanks for your comprehension, and one time again, thanks flogril.

Before posting, make sure your in game name exists and is not banned, you must appeal your ban first if you are banned.
Visit to check for your account name and banned status.

In game username: Rick

After you posted the request, please wait for a Level 8+ Admin to reset your password. You will be responded with an instruction about recovering it through your private message inbox and you need to login with the new password then change it immediately.

Please NOTE: We will never ask for your passwords. We are not responsible for any loss caused by user error.

For moderators: Solved password reset request (i.e. the player successfully logged in and changed their password) has to be moved to archive section within 1 to 2 days.