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Protecting Race Records from Cheaters

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  • Protecting Race Records from Cheaters

    I've been seeing cheaters break race records with the airbreak cheat lately. Most of the race records were achieved after many tries.

    I suggest that a minimum time spent in the game or score condition should be considered to record the race records. This won't stop cheaters, but it will make it more difficult for them to record race records.

    Or, when a player is banned, the ban system should be able to delete their race records.

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    That's the purpose of record, if we require specific time spent in game, that cant be considered race record anymore.
    You already said that it wont stop cheaters but makes them difficult to get one, did you also think that if they don't get record it will be also difficult for us to detect them?
    Not all bans are caused due to race record, so you can always report and it's fine as is.
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      I think you're right as long as there is someone who are active and reporting on the server to detect cheaters from race records.

      Yes, bans aren't always caused due to race records. This is not a very good idea but maybe can be used to punish the cheaters by removing their achievements.


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        You mean the achievement as race record? We are restarting hacked races ofc ;o


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          Originally posted by JackassCZ View Post
          You mean the achievement as race record? We are restarting hacked races ofc ;o
          Yes, I meant that. I think there are some race records (recorded with cheats) that are forgotten or undetected to be deleted. That's why I opened this thread actually.


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