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Rules for Trusted Player Applications [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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  • Rules for Trusted Player Applications [READ BEFORE POSTING]


    At the time of the application, you MUST meet the following PRIMARY requirements:
    • You must have been registered ingame for at least one and a half months, and have played frequently
    • You must have been registered on the forums for at least one month, and have made some proper contributions
    • You must have an acceptable amount of online time: more than 100 hours on the account you apply with (you can see your online time using the /track or /track2 command in-game)

    NOTE: If you post an application while not meeting the PRIMARY requirements, we will automatically deny your application. You'll have to wait 1-2 months before you can apply again!

    Additionally, you SHOULD meet the following SECONDARY requirements:
    • You should have been following our server, forum and IRC rules. Moreover, you must be willing to agree on and follow the Trusted Player rules (in case you get accepted)
    • You should have a good behavior in general
    • You should be reasonably helpful in-game and on the forums (which includes helping players, reporting, ...)
    • You should be registered and reasonably active on IRC
    • You should be registered and reasonably active on Discord
    • You should at least understand the most basic English

    NOTE: If you fail to comply with any of the SECONDARY requirements, you could get denied, based on the admins' votes. In case you get denied, you'll have to wait 1 month before you can apply again!

    Please do NOT annoy admins, by asking them to vote on your application.

    If you have previously been a TP and have been demoted

    You cannot apply for TP status if you previously had it and were removed by an admin. In this case you must make an appeal and the admin who removed your status may either allow you to apply again or restore your status.



    Username: [Ez]
    Any previous names: [CP]Ez
    Registered: 2008
    IRC Nickname (if any): Ez
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: Ez
    Time spent in-game (hours): 451 h
    Extra notes:

    Only the applicant and admins are allowed to post/reply in applications. Any post from other people will be deleted and considered as rule breaking. Therefore, admins may take actions against people who break this rule.
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    Added secondary requirement:
    • You should be registered and reasonably active on Discord


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      New applications posted starting from this date (10th November 2020) can be now accepted/rejected by active level 8 admins (Management or Owner can still accept/reject as usual).
      For admins: Please check out the management notices section for the details about this.

      In future management may cancel or revise this policy.
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