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Evil_Boss[M4]'s Trusted Player Application.

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  • Adrenaline
    Pinky promise you won't ask for demotion again ?

    EDIT: i believe you were banned from being level 2 have you asked any level 9+ permission to post ?

    ps: i'm not voting anything as i am not from your timezone.
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  • Muaaz
    started a topic Evil_Boss[M4]'s Trusted Player Application.

    Evil_Boss[M4]'s Trusted Player Application.

    Username: Evil_Boss[M4]
    Any previous names: Evil_Boss
    Registered: 2015
    IRC Nickname (if any): Evil_Boss
    Time spent in-game (hours): 1728 hours.

    I Would like to be honest with you all yes i have done a mistake in past and its been month's since i have done it but i think you can't really use somebody's old tag for always i have did mistake i have served the punishment its been big time honestly saying i don't really have super reporting thing or something like past maybe not that super activity and stuff but one thing is sure we all do mistakes and like everyone i did too but i think what matter's most is to be yourself then being a robotic person just come in game and sit on spectating and report's report's report's 30 40 50 hacker's a day etc etc and always online and there is nothing in me of past that activity, reporting or something but i would like to say yes one thing is sure when i see something i report obviously and when i see someone asking for help i help him but the thing "Trusted Player" is something is a tag a status on whom admins and community people have trust and i think i am part of this server since 2015 yes i did a mistake in past i honestly i didn't thought to apply but i think i am part of this family and i deserve to get a chance we all do mistakes don't we? and i think gamerX doesn't need robot's they need person who have heart they doesn't need robots, bots they need human's i forgot litertally in past i play here as a human but i think i deserve to be a chance i have seen very good times here and bad too there is nothing like special in my application no desgining or colors no not at all i am totally being myself and that's what i think matter's by being a bookworm you can not play or enjoy the game i think that previous lesson was good for me as i started enjoying the game i started doing fun like i do now i say what i feel but about past unfortunately i don't really have timemachine to change it lol but i guess as everyone does things i also did and in short i will say in Jafri Language "Shit Happens" :P so i hope you give me a chance i am part of this community and its like family.
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