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  • TP Application

    Username: Bluehand
    Any previous names:BluehandLover
    Registered: 2017
    IRC Nickname (if any): Bluehand
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: Bluehand
    Time spent in-game (hours): 140 minutes spent in-game( i Have 8429 minutes)

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    You are not ready yet.Your behaviour is so immature and you rulebreaks alot.Its a No from me.

    You don't meet the requirements aswell.
    You must have been registered on the forums for at least one month, and have made some proper contributions
    Read the requirements carefully.


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      I don't trust you, you are a massive rule breaker.
      You don't even meet all of the requirements.


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        You are in risk to get banned for the rule-break and bad behavior. You are begging for CTF events 24/7 while server has only 4 players, you are given the reason "* CTF Event was canceled as there are no enough players" and you still spam us. Above explained by Kritical you dont met the requirement. I dont see you are helping when i see someone ask questions. If you want to be a trusted player start helping in full details about the commands/server and reporting hackers and stop rule-breaking. my vote is Negative.


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          thnkx admins for vote thnku soo much

          when i reapply admins?
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            Originally posted by Bluehand
            when i reapply admins?
            Management will tell you when you can re-apply. If you do not met primary requirements you have to wait 2 mounts. If you do not met secondary requirements based on admin votes you have to wait 1 mount. Every thing is explained here
            Seems you dont really read it.


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              Denied, you may re-apply on January 10th, 2019


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