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    Rofl.. now you're accusing Solaimane of using aimbot? Sure that helps your chances of getting unban.
    Sool and other pro players have years of experience before they attained their level of skills right now.. Unlike you. Just 2 weeks back I remember you asked me to teach C bug and how to aim.. your aim was so shit and then all of a sudden you become a pro and won't miss a single shot? Your aimbot toggle became evident when a few days back you invited me for duel.. You didn't miss a single fucking shot. Then what did you do? You started provoking me saying "You got rekt". I asked you for another duel and you immediately ignored duel invitations fearing that I got suspicious of you. You said shit like "Everyone does this.. when they get rekt by me in duels they say I have aimbot" or some bullshit. You toggle your aimbot in duels and events [CTF,LSS,etc.] Of course you dont have the highest number of kills in events because you did fear others may get suspicious.. thats why you were trying to toggle but you failed miserably. At first I thought only I was suspicious of you then I realized a whole lot of players and trusted players also knew it and started gathering proofs against you. You would've got a chance of getting unbanned if you accepted you used aimbot but since you went this way.. Accusing admins and shit.. Good luck!

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    i spend 2 weeks on gamerX not on samp
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