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Introducing [HC] Clan!

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  • Introducing [HC] Clan!


    Today we are pleased to announce the opening of our clan officially at GamerX & therefore get a chance to introduce ourselves to all of you. You can see us ingame with the [HC] Tags!

    Introduction - The Holocaust Crew - HC is a professional 2-shot SA-MP clan founded by ShivaMz aka G4NG$T3R which has been operating at the multiplayer modification of Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas, "SanAndreas-Multiplayer (SA-MP)" since January 1st, 2016. The Holocaust crew has been an exotic hub for deathmatchers with a specialisation of best in class weaponry skills. The Holocaust crew has been a home to some of the top notch SA-MP DMers. We not only focus on adding the best, but we also build the best through rigorous training & group tactics.

    History and operations - The clan was inaugurated on the 1st January, 2016 by ShivaMz, keeping an eye at the target of unifying the best deathmatchers all over SA-MP and preparing a strong force who would be ready to face any challenge and take the spirit of groupism to the next level. Joined by RuDrAk$H and Tanay, the trio took up the collective responsibility of strengthening and spreading our concept of unity to various people in their different friend circles. Moving steadily the three managed to become a popular trio at various SA-MP servers and were joined by ShawNz aka sHz_; ShawNz added his maturity and top notch skills to the trio and the so called trio now became became the four brothers in arms. The four leading members of the clan were progressing all over sa-mp at an impressive pace. By midst 2016, the group managed to attain the top ranking positions around various SA-MP servers gaining popularity & simultaneously increasing deathmatching quality. During the final months of the year 2016, the crew was joined by Mandy, who with her fast paced score building tactics took the responsibility of handling the group at South American time zones and expanded our activity by 24x7. With this, the gang now took the first step of becoming a clan taking in AmmaRz and W1nn3R, both of them specialising in communications and public relationship management.

    Vision - The Holocaust Crew believes in quality rather than quantity. Our vision is to succeed by gaining best of achievements by providing a healthy competition to our competitors in the world of competitive multiplayer gaming be it through clan wars, free roam street fights or mini-games. Our members set up high standards of professionalism by their skilful gaming and showing their courage by fighting no matter what may come. We believe in absolute unity. We wish to collaborate, interact & engage ourselves with the best players from every continent & community.

    Motto - The clan has indulged in various free roam street fights and professional DM wars and has proved its willingness to accept any challenge that comes in the future. We believe in "survival of the fittest" and we keep changing ourselves to the needs of the future

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    nice group


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