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    Hello, GamerX players!

    The GamerX admin team would like to inform you that clan tags like [ISIL], [ISIS] or any other possible variations (eg. [I.S.I.L.], [I-S-I-L], etc.) are now forbidden in GamerX.

    The reason for such a decision is that ISIL (ISIS) is recognized worldwide as a terrorist organization. Therefore, here in GamerX openly supporting ISIS is disallowed.

    One of our own admins (hiyah) noted that these "words" (ISIS or ISIL etc) could take on different meanings based on language or culture; for instance, Isis is an Egyptian goddess. His point is valid, but we all know that when world mass-media talks about ISIL/ISIS they refer to the Islamic State. The overall trend of the usage of these terms has led to most people associating the meaning of these words with the Islamic State and, therefore, it is better to disallow these clan tags to prevent any undue offence on our players.

    In summary, the [ISIL] and [ISIS] (or any other terms that represent terrorism) tags are now forbidden here in GamerX.

    Edit: we are going to allow the [IS] tag since it is not being used by our current players to represent ISIS.
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