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GamerX Mobile V1.1

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  • GamerX Mobile V1.1

    Great news! A new version of GamerX Mobile has been released!

    The "Quick Player Request" feature is disabled by default. You can enable it by going into the settings and setting the checkbox to checked. Once checked return to the main menu and simply long press the "Request Player Count" button.

    Custom colors can be created in the settings. I do warn you that you need to make sure you can see the text inside the buttons and the button itself. I have added a live preview button at the top of the screen to help you find the color you desire! If by any chance you set the button colors to a dark color and cannot mange to make your way back to the settings screen you can uninstall the application or delete the app data.

    Changes include:

    *Added a feature that hides the keyboard when hitting the "Search Stats" button.

    *Added a feature that checks if what has been entered in textbox is blank it will display a message saying "You must enter a name!"

    *Server IP is removed when news ticker is active

    *Added a settings screen (can now enabled/disable vibrations, button sound clicks and quick player count)

    *Added a option that allows you to set the applications button colors

    *Added a fast way to check the online player count (long press "player count button")

    *Removed the title bar from the top of the application

    * Fixed the exit application bug (many reported that it was returning to the last opened screen)

    You can download the new version by using the below link:

    (The new version of GamerX has a digital signature. You must uninstall the old version of GamerX before installing the new version!)

    If you have found any bugs or just want to comment on the new version it is always appreciated!
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    Forest Green button color option sets the button color to dark blue instead of green.


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      Originally posted by Blackid View Post
      Forest Green button color option sets the button color to dark blue instead of green.
      Ok thank you for reporting this, since you replied fast to this I was able to fix this issue and updated the link. Go ahead and download the application again using the new link. I kept the version the same since this was a very minor color mistake and its not needed to change the version. There should be no issues installing but on some devices they might not install the app since its the same version code. If so just uninstall and install the new download. Sorry for the mistake!
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        Hey Gotnitro

        Added Text Please?




        Show Text 3d No/Yes

        Banned : No/Yes

        Color Text

        Added Please?


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          Thanks admin for new verson new one is much confortable then.old one
          Feeling Lonely? лллл Try this


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            Where Working Apps Gamerx Mobile?


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