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    Hello everyone, as much players knows, if a player uses an animation like /sit or other animation, the player must type it multiple times, otherwise, the player will not see the animation, well, sometimes at the first try it works, I don't know if that's fixable, at the moment of use an animation, see it in all players without bugs, because sometimes a player is using an animation, and you just see his skin moving, but you can't see the animation

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    This exists in every sa-mp servers, some of animations library (especially non primary) is not loaded when your game first load at start, thus they do not animate for the first time, they will animate on the second time.
    At the first time you use /sit the animation library will load and animate for you, and it will only load for first time to the player streamed in to you (those who are around and can see you), so if you then meet another player which was not streamed in, you'll have to repeat the animation again twice unless they have typed /sit before. Generally it's like you standing on your player objects, other player sees you flying and you asked them to /rpo you first.

    There is a workaround to fix it by loading every animation library and apply them to every player who just joined the server, this increases load time (for client and bandwidth), but does not always fix. So this fix is like forcing the player who joined the server to /rpo everyone respectively first.
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