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my 2nd application for [ATM]

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  • my 2nd application for [ATM]

    ■ Ingame Information ■

    1. Ingame name: jasmeet
    2. Previous names: jasmeet
    3. Since when you play SA:MP?: 2 years ago started playing samp but im plying this server from 4 weeks ago
    4. Your GamerX score: 1018
    5. Total time spent in-game: 2392 min
    6. Previous clans: not any
    7. Why did you leave those clans?: not any
    8. Have you ever applied to a clan which denied you, if so then why did you get denied?: yes but when i apply first my score was not high now my score is high
    9. Has anyone invited you to make an application, if so who?: no im joining it by myself
    10. Why would you like to join [ATM]? (Explain): this clan is be like family to me no attitude in this clan all are pros
    11. In which case would you leave the clan: ill never leave clan i promise
    12. How would you describe your loyality?: i can do anything for this clan

    ■ Gameplay ■

    Describe your activity:

    Rate from 0 to 10.

    Deagle: 8
    Shotgun: 7
    M4/ak/mp5: 9
    Spas: 8
    Sniper: 9
    Rifle: 9
    Sawn-off: 10
    Tec9: 8

    ■ Extra Information ■

    Scripting knowledge: advance
    Photoshop knowledge: advance
    Video editing knowledge: advance

    Gamechanger / Avenger / Gangster / Gamer / Youtuber

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    [13:06:41] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): sir i apply for atm yestraday no one reply me
    [13:07:26] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): plz tell me yes or no
    [13:07:41] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): my reqirmeny matched
    [13:07:54] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): plz reply me
    [13:08:36] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): yes i know i m proper for atm
    [13:08:53] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): but no one reply me
    [13:10:52] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): plz tell me on my apply yes or no
    [13:24:48] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): bro reply me yes or no im waitng
    [13:25:28] * PM from jasmeet (ID:16): plz reply me
    [13:26:55] *** jasmeet (ID:16) atm clan members
    [13:27:39] *** jasmeet (ID:16) reply me atm clan mebers i post application

    That leads to ??
    Ofc No


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      Denied. Welcome to atm clan blacklist kiddo!
      Last edited by Luka.; 31-07-17, 12:56 PM.

      "Stop wasting your time lighting candles in the wind."


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