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Generation of miracles [GOM]

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  • Generation of miracles [GOM]

    Clan Owner
    Welcome to the Clan page of the Generation of miracles :
    Date of creation : 23/2/2017

    Requirements :
    We are accepting new members.
    In condition that you are:
    . Friendly
    • Helpful
    • Loyal
    • Respectful

    The Gom clan enforce a strict rule policy. We do not tolerate any indecent behaviour by our members whatsoever. And if we discover any indecent behaviour of any of our members they will be removed from the GOM clan. No warnings will be given whatsoever.
    Depending on the situation this will be a temporary removal of 1 week (after this week the member is free to join again without official application*) or permanent, where the member has to re-make an application after the cooldown period of 2 weeks has expired (Re-entry is not guaranteed in this case).

    These are the rules.
    • Respect and follow all server rules
    • Respect all clan members
    • Respect the Other clans.
    • No Rageing or lame behaviour.
    • No provoking others.
    • Server rules also apply
    How to join the clan :
    To join the clan u have to pm me ingame and be patient we the clan members will discuss it and reply.

    Magic with logic

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    Good luck wid ur clan!
    Don't accept rule breaker.


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      If u wanna join my clan but u dont get to meet me ingame for too long u can leave a message here with the following instructions:

      Ingame name:

      have u ever been banned before ? (if yes state the reason) :

      Were u in another clan? (if yes : why u left that clan):

      how much time u played in gamerX:

      Why do you wanna join [GOM]:

      Sure thing thak you =)
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        Goodluck :*
        -Tunisia <3


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          Good Luck Bro and u can do it


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            Good luck with your clan!


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              Good luck !


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