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  • Creating an event

    If you want to host your own event, then make a post here about it!

    Make sure you are specific about dates and times (12 EST or 10am GMT + 12); and also make sure you give enough details about the event and what you are planning on doing. Events can be anything really, whether a deathmatch/team deathmatch, or a demolition derby, etc... Use some creativity!

    Also, be sure that if your event requires the presence of an admin (like a goo hunt type event), that you have spoken to admins before-hand and have arranged it.

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    Note: THIS IS NOT A SECTION FOR /EVENT MAP CREATION REQUEST, To do so please post in this topic,
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    If you PM me (here, on IRC, or in-game), please get straight to the point. A lot of people message me and I would like to get to everyone; but that's difficult if the messages are just "hi".

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    A Gangwar Deathmatch Will Be The BEST


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      Yes it is best


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        hi, i have an idea to create an event. i want to know if u can accept my map for a lms event created by mateenkhilji


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          Originally posted by mateenkhilji View Post
          hi, i have an idea to create an event. i want to know if u can accept my map for a lms event created by mateenkhilji

          Suggest your map over here.


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            i have, an idea also. . my event is moneybag in MEDIC .. map. which is many player.. !!


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              I want to create my own event!, can i post it Here?


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                Originally posted by The Bo$$ View Post
                I want to create my own event!, can i post it Here?
                Depends on type of the event you want to make:

                1) If it's a main event, then you can host it in another topic.
                2) If it's an in-game event, then suggest it here:
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                  My Basic Events as [H4L]Jertrox the LWEmaker!

                  I have a lot of EVENTS that I can think of, because I was a LWEmaker (Local Worlds Event Maker) in a former server I work on. Even
                  though I'm just a normal player there. Then finally I found a cool server like this! So I think if I apply it on GamerX so it would be cooler!

                  I have a common list of my events below:
                  1) Typing Contest (Includes First Person, Question, Equations, etc.)
                  2) Public Vehicle Tasks (Taxi, Police Bike HPV-1000, and other public vehicles)
                  /* I know its existed on GTA-SA single-player so its possible*/ * Related to Pursuit *
                  3) Vehicles Exporting (If theirs a Manhunt, why about hunting vehicles for money!)
                  * Related to Dealership/Hunting *
                  4) Car Duel (Please don't call it a car derby because bumping is not allowed, this would be different)
                  [Not close to derby]
                  5) Basketball (I know its existed on GTA-SA single-player so its possible)
                  6) Car Dancing (I know its existed on GTA-SA single-player so its possible)
                  7) Snug Death-match (I know its hard to kill players when your close to each other)
                  /* Only a melee hand would be the appropriate weapon for that map, no other guns!, It could have a time limit if its taking to long*/
                  8) Manhunt 2 (I know a lot of players are hunting for you [Manhunt 1]. Well, lets make it opposite! Why not you /* do it yourself */ hunt all players while the other players hide for themselves. Preventing the hunter to kill 20 players for the prize) /* Related to Opposite Manhunt */
                  9) Hide and Seek/Block 123 (Well, its a common game. I know you know it) /* Its possible with a touch of a melee hand */
                  10) Glass Duel (You can kill that player but it would be better if you make him fall) /* Related to Fallout */
                  11) Vehicle Racing (Well I think car is the most common popular event on GTA-SAMP! Well, lets just say to add different vehicle type
                  like boat, plane, all other vehicles! Not just all cars!)
                  12) Maze Death-match (It might sounds familiar, but this time would be a puzzled death-match, the only moto for this event is get lucky, you might shocked for good aiming players could kill you or feel lucky for newbie aiming players!)
                  13) Humans vs Zombies (An opposite of Human Defenders with Guns and Zombie Attackers with no Guns!
                  I know its a complicated event, but its a popular mini-game event)
                  14) Human Race (I already know that your car disappeared awhile ago! Don't blame me that your racing without vehicle!)
                  15) Special Ultimate Contest / Event (Only happens rarely, the game depends on how it looks to rate it!)

                  ... and a Lot more events! If your interested on that event, reply for more information! I'll make sure I will make a full tutorial on it. * just a presentation* I can wait for it, because here the time is [Philippine Time Zone (UTC+08:00)]

                  Truly Yours,
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                    Name:Clan Wars Tournament
                    Total Time:30 min
                    in this every clan online will participate and war with the other clan at specified map whole team with other team matches of ---- clan vs ---- clan would be organized by admin
                    no friendly fire allowed
                    and at the end the person who has highest kills his caln will win
                    Don't Want to Waste my Words here.


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                      Users can keep track of events, holidays, and birthdays with the calendar.thank
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