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"[/me]" Command.

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  • "[/me]" Command.

    Dear players of Gamer X,

    Firstly, I want to express some words. "[/me]" commnad refers to doing an action or performing one by your in-game character. "Spamming" is typing into a single chat the same line more than two times for no reason OR posting different irrelevant and unconnected things more than two times.

    Secondly, I got muted for spamming the /me command. Well, I disagreed with that because if I spammed the /me command I could have done for example:
    /me goes to school
    /me goes to school
    /me goes to school
    That is a spam ^ and this is a spam as well:
    /me goes to school
    /me carries a bus
    /me eats the pizza
    These are irrelevant and unconnected things....

    Actually what I did in-game was right, after discussing it with a level 6 admin he did not find it wrong at all. However, I am not here to moan about the 10 seconds mute but I am here to ask about fixing the "[/me]" or discuss it.

    What I suggest: fixing the "[/me]" command to being seen by close players only?

    Yours faithfully,
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    /me or /me2 is an feature availabe fr players to announce or share something useful<Purpose of color to catch a player's eye>, not fr thing which don't make any and using it and making no sense could be counted as spam.

    If u want to write stuffs like:
    Goes to school
    Eats pizza blablabla
    U should not use /me or /me2

    /cb command is fr chat close people.

    So, i think it should stay as it is.


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      idk why you want to rp on stunt server...and idk why is there rp command on stunt server


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        No no, you did not understand me. AryaN. I am just using that command to RP as it is there, I was not doing things irl and putting them on /me NO. I was doing in-game actions and using /me to show them.
        GEDO I dont want to RP on a stunt server, but the CMD is there, why not use it?


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          Originally posted by GEDO View Post
          idk why you want to rp on stunt server...and idk why is there rp command on stunt server
          actually its not a RP feature, since we TPS got a similar command to announce events like PGOO or RT (/say)
          In my opinion if a regular player (LV1 OR LV0) decide to creat a event like Last Player in the Plane or Call players to come to /GA to start DM the command (/me) and (/me2) is really usefull to call atention.
          But nowdays is not common you see players using "War at /GA COME ALL" cuz the ammount of players active prefer to talk in chat or just freeroam at server.


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            @Asheedet_Ashan I was in game yesterday and I saw you abusing this command , you spammed the whole chat by saying useless things , and that was annoying af , and evil had the right to mute you.
            Also as the guys said , this is not an rp server , this is DM / Stunts / Racing / Freeroam server , so if you wanna do something like that , feel free to go ahead and do these things in a real rp server , not in this server.


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              You can use /cb or the symbol '-' (substraction symbol) for nearby chat (approx. 20m), /me and /me2 is seen by all players and also echoes in IRC.

              If you feel you were muted unfairly can you post the logs? Or be a little more precise and define the situation.


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                Let's make things clear.

                In fact: he wasn't spamming. For people under us who don't know what spamming is. "Spamming is repeating the same thing 3 or more times". What Asheed did, was not spamming. He was just writing a story with the /me command.
                NOTE: He wrote DIFFERENT lines with the /me command.

                Evil_ muted Asheed because Asheed did NOT followed Evil_ his valid order to stop, because Evil_ ordered him to stop in the main-chat, so Asheed probably didn't noticed Evil_ his order and continued his story via the /me command.

                I had a short talk with Evil_ and Asheed. I gave Evil_ a tip that he has to send Asheed a "private message" to make him stop instead of creating orders in the main-chat to avoid the situation we had yesterday. I don't even check the main-chat a lot of times. When I do, I don't notice everything. So it's better to PM things like this in the future.

                Asheed will next time stop when he notices a valid order by an ADMIN. Asheed don't have to stop when other players (except Admins) order him to stop. "Acting like a moderator/Admin is not allowed".

                Asheed also understood the thing why he have to follow valid orders that has been given by an Admin. I explained him yesterday very well.

                This things has been made already very clear by me.

                I told Asheed to create this thread about the /me command. To let a Level 9+ Admin reply on this.

                Because this isn't for me very clear as well.

                Using the "/me" command more then 3 times is SPAM.
                Using the "/me" command more then 3 times INCLUDING DIFFERENT LINES is NOT SPAM.

                What Asheed did was not spam. I want to see a Management (Level 9+) Admins their oponion about this and telling us IF THIS (what Asheed) did IS ALLOWED or NOT.

                Personally, I don't see what Asheed did was a really big deal. But I can understand the misunderstanding about spamming in this case.
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                  Well said, Beer.
                  How about now? Twinbow
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                    How about now? Twinbow


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                        @DeclanIsKing Exactly. It was some jokes that one different from what Beer saw. However it is yet not a spam. It is RP. It would have been a spam if I was doing same /me text. I would suggest making /me command to be seen by close players only? Or otherwise it has no use on a DM/stunt server.


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                          u can make the jokes but u cant break any rules i hope u will understand this and ty


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                            Alright rules guy, read Beer's reply, go up.


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                              Originally posted by Asheedet_Ashan View Post
                              Alright rules guy, read Beer's reply, go up.
                              Ye, what Beer wrote is true, but that doesn't give you a license to keep on using that /me command to spam the chat. Okay, literally, what Beer wrote was the noun for flooding in the Urban dictionary and verb for spam.

                              What is spam?
                              Spam - noun -
                              irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users.

                              You may think what you did wasn't spamming, and let's say for a second, it really wasn't, still, what you did here -
                              Originally posted by DeclanIsKing View Post
                              isn't a nice thing to do.

                              The /me command is used to steal the attention of the users over something which is paramount. The way you use it, by it, the command will lose its significance. Also, if everyone starts talking in green and pink, the server will be fully of eye penetrating colours (that's my personal dislike).


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