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Google won't load profile pictures & Banners.

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  • Google won't load profile pictures & Banners.


    I'm having a issue on YouTube & Google++ and whatever sites where google is connected to, so the problem is whenever i go to them, i cannot see mine or other's profile pictures or banners.

    I tried clearing cookies & cache, didnt help.

    I logged out & logged in again still did not help.

    I changed the settings and still did not help.

    I reinstalled All browsers and did not help.


    I tried on other browsers like: Chrome , Opera, FireFox, Safari, every browser has the same problem, even my phone!

    I guess it's Google Account's problem.

    Havebeen trying to fix it for a week, still did not find a solution, so i'm requesting you all to help me if you can.

    Second problem: Phone Stuck on Headset mode.

    my phone's sound never works unless a headphone is plugged in...

    I tried using apps like SoundAbout still couldn't fix it, only way i can hear sounds is with earphones..

    Edit: Whenever i use a VPN, it works well, but when i turn it off it gets back to same it was, how to fix this?

    Edit2: My ISP Blocked it, i called them about it and i don't know what they did but google is now working fine including YouTube.
    i still can't find a solution for the problem in my phone
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