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Can't able to play Game (Please someone help me)

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  • Can't able to play Game (Please someone help me)

    Guyzzz i got an error.

    "This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in unusual way.
    Please contact the application support for more information."

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    1- install/update your microsoft visual C++ and Dx.

    2-If step 1st does not work then uninstall your gta sanandreas completely (deleting mods/samp/saved files from documents/everything). After removing everything try to install gta sa and samp again.

    3- If 2nd step does not work then create a new account on your windows and try to play with that. (make sure you have installed samp before creating the new account as it will require administration to install it.)

    4- If no step is working for you Then you might have viruses which are blocking your .exe file to get opened. So install a new window and then install all drivers and try to play game.
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      Try This Link and follow Instructions and see if you can fix it, >>>This link


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        I am tried all ways given by Garib but it don't helpful for me. Secondly I also tried the link given by Instant but it also not helpful for me.

        Sol.. = Then i decided to delete my username (Administrator) and make new user as (newname) now, all error is auto solved and i am able to play the game.

        But, np thankss guyss(Garib & Instant) for try to help me.

        EDIT - 3rd step of Garib suggestion is helpfull...
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          Try reinstalling the game. there might be a missing file.

          If that didn't work, Try running your samp in Windows 98/Me comp mode.

          If its still not working, then i think your only option is to download the game.
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            I think Instant link is helpful..... try it...


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              Well He sent me a pm and told that the 3rd step of mine worked for him. idk what is he saying here. anyways, enjoy the game.


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                Right Now I Need Marcle I Need Marcle


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