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IRC Help (Connecting to IRC) - An all encompassing guide for begginers

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  • IRC Help (Connecting to IRC) - An all encompassing guide for begginers

    Ok as you guys might have noticed that gx webirc is offline so here is a small tutorial how do you connect to irc and join you channels

    This guide is written for the person that has never used IRC and has no idea how to get on. These are simple, basic instructions for setting a nickname and connecting to a network and channel. Although you can get to IRC with emule, I must recommend a script. For starters lets use the basic mIRC script which is available for free at . Once you get it and get it installed, open it up and go up to file, then options

    You will need to make a nickname and an alternate nickname (nick) and insert it the fields provided.
    later we will know how to register it too so..

    Connect to IRC Server you can go in and find different servers to connect to. But this can also be done manually if you know the server name. Ok, now you got your nickname and alternate nickname set hit OK and the window will close. Look for the status button. Click it and a window will open up
    Notice in the field of the status window, we manually type the server we want to get on. In this case want to join gamerx irc
    so we will type /server or /server

    After you type in the server command just hit enter. After it connects you?ll see a bunch of stuff scroll in the status window, you?ll know it?s connected if the little lightning bolt at the top left appears broken. It will also say what network you are connected to on top of the status window like when you get connected to gamerx irc it will show "" on top.

    Now in the status window type the syntax to join a channel, which is /join #gamerx (the # symbol means channel, in this case we are using the channel #gamerx) so you?ll want to type /join #gamerx and the channel will open.

    OK so now you got yourself on IRC, now we want to register that nickname

    type this to register your nickname "/msg nickserv REGISTER password email address"

    You'llget a message telling you that your nick has been registered with nickserv and to remember your password. So next time you sign on to that network, it will remember you if you keep the same nick. No one will be able to take that nickname unless they know that password.

    your nickname is registered and you need to identify or nickserv will change your nick for you to something generic. You will need to type this command to identify to nickserv "/msg nickserv IDENTIFY password"

    you can add channels to auto join ie when you /msg nickserv identify pass yourself you will autojoin the channels that you have added into your list you can add channel to autojoin using "/ns ajoin add #channelname"

    Some points you can remember
    1. IRC cmds starts with /
    2.You can PM someone in a channel by double clicking on their name in the right side of the screen, it will open a PM window.
    3.Some users have ~ & @ % in front of their names that states that they have special level on channel + is not special level

    PM me on irc if you need more info or some help.

    Hope you like the tutorial

    If you are lazy to read this then

    Click here :

    to join webirc just enter the server name you need to join you can enter
    enter you nick name with which you will join irc
    enter channel you want to join syntax #channelname seperated with a ,

    Some more irc clients and their legal download's are

    1. -Download mIRC

    mIRC tutorial By Bloodcell : (Thanks To BloodCell)

    2. -Download KvIRC

    3. -Download IceChat

    4. -Download Snow IRC

    5. -Download HydraIRC

    6. -Download XChat

    IRC Client For Moblie Phone and iPhone

    1. -jmIrc

    2. -colloquy (Colloquy IRC Client)

    3. -Lime Chat (iPhone IRC Client) (Thanks To Emilia/Kara for Info)

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    can i get irc for android?
    *text here*


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      Originally posted by Kakashi View Post
      can i get irc for android?
      Yes there are loads of them out there few mentioned in the thread aswell
      i personally prefer YAAIC (Yet another android irc client) easy to use with a lots of features.


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