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Guide for new GamerX Players!

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  • Guide for new GamerX Players!

    Other usefull tutorials.

    Guide for new GamerX Players!

    This is a guide for people who don't know what to do in GamerX.

    Well, GamerX is a freeroam server. You can do there almost everything you want!

    Let's start from the beginning. If you already have the GamerX IP adress you don't need to do this. If you visit the forum for the first time and never joined the GamerX server get the IP:
    Add this to your favorites and let's connect!

    Ok you are connected to the server. You can now use any class you want.


    As you can see left you stand on the Medic Class, if you press the right or left button you can change it in different classes with different weapons. I want weapons like a Cane and a Sawn Off. So I'm looking for it.

    Picture 2.

    See? There are different classes. NOTE: Don't worry if you don't like the skin with the weapons you like. You can also change your skin ingame. If press the button 'T' ingame, you are avaible to talk or using commands. Use enter if you want to send a message or using commands.

    Ok I am on spawn now, so I can play in GamerX. I have a sawn off and a cane (which I wanted). You can also buy weapons in /ammo. If you want an extra weapon when you spawn, you can use the /sc command to buy an extra weapon with cookies but I will tell later about that.

    Well.. I don't like my skin.. Time to change it!

    Type /skin <id> and press enter to change your skin. I like Ryder. So I will change my skin in Ryder. the skin ID for ryder is 271.


    Picture 2.

    So I changed it in Ryder's skin. There are a lot of skins. Go to this link to see a complete list with GTA San Andreas skins + IDs.

    Ok I have my skin, my weapons etc. But I want another nickname color. How can I do that? Simple! Type /colors ingame and you will see a list with all colors (which are avaible for you).


    You can earn score to. Press the button TAB ingame to see your score. You can also use the /stats /tr /tr2 commands to see your stats. To save your stats automatically it's important that you are registered. You can register yourself if you type /register <password>


    And if you press enter there will come a dialog.

    You are registered now and your stats will be automatically saved.

    This are your stats from the beginning.

    You can earn score by killing players. If you kill a player you will earn +1 score and +1 kills. If another player kill you, you will have +1 deaths in your stats. If you want race points, you should join a race and win. Type /join when a race dialog appears to join the race. If you only want a race with a friend you can use /race <playerid> to race 1 vs 1. You can also doing duels in GamerX /duel <playerid>. If you win you will get +1 in your duels won. If you lose you will get +1 in your duel lose. You can also doing pursuits with other players. /pu <playerid> to invite a player.

    You can earn money to. The most popular tactic is to buy properties.


    If you buy a propertie you will earn every minute cash. If you own 30 properties (the maximum) you will earn money + one cake to. This is a good tactic to earn fast cakes. You can earn earn cookies if you report a hacker (the hacker must be kicked or banned by an Admin) and sometimes Admins will give players cookies, biscuits, cakes and icecream. Type /ph for more info about properties.

    We have a lot of things to do here in GamerX as you can see. Type /car to give yourself an infernus. We have vehicle menus to. /v1 to /v17 ! It's the best way to find the vehicle you like. You can also type /v nrg if you want a NRG or /v bmx (you only need to know the vehicle name you like).

    Go to /t1 to /t9 to go to transfenders to pimp your vehicle. You can also use /pimp /pimp2 with some vehicles. If you want another color type /pa id id. If you want yellow with black type /pa 6 0. (As example) Yellow = 6 and black = 0. See /phelp for more.
    See for the paint color ids.

    We have a lot of teleports here to.
    Type /teles to check a lot of teleports in a nice dialog. This will dialog will pop up.

    You can also type /l 1 to /l 200 (L teles are Admin load possition teles). Popular teleports in GamerX are /ga (San Fierro Airport) /L 69 (Medic spawn, a lot of players are there) and /wwk (army spawn zone).

    If you want to go to your friend he must type /tg <your id> If he do that you can type /g <playerid> to go to your friend.

    There are awesome minigames here to! Type /minigames to see the GamerX minigames in a nice dialog.

    Ok we go to /minigun1 (/mg1)

    If you play minigames you can earn fast score.

    GamerX have a nice event system to. Type /event to join different events like: sumo events, fall out events, hunger games events, gun games events, siege events, capture the flag events etc etc etc.

    Using cheats/mods or something that give you more adventages will be punished. You will be kicked for the first time, but if you do it twice Admins can ban you. Follow the rules and play fair and you can have a great time here! Type /rules /ski /noob /help to learn a lot ingame.

    NOTE: This are basic thing. You can do much more in GamerX like creating holding objects and player objects. But I will tell later about that.

    See you ingame!
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    /tr not /tr1
    /tr stands for /track and /tr2 stands for /track2


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      Originally posted by Instant View Post
      /tr not /tr1
      /tr stands for /track and /tr2 stands for /track2
      My bad, thanks I changed it


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        Very helpful Tutorial. Nice
        Yours sincerely

        Prof. Dr. Tarantula


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          Awesome tuto Thanks for it ! Sticked !


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            Nice to see this guide is back...
            I mean, yes there was previous one in old forums:
            Even thought it's old, but there you might get some more references for addition to your tutorial (thanks to Tungki).
            Anyway, linking to another related tutorial would be good idea too,
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              Originally posted by Beer View Post
              Go to /t1 to /t9 to go to transfenders to pimp your vehicle. You can also use /pimp /pimp2 with some vehicles. If you want another color type /pa id id. If you want yellow with black type /pa 6 0. (As example) Yellow = 6 and black = 0. See /phelp for more.
              ^^^You should add this link:
              in your post because they can't use /pa 6 0 only because there are many colors available but then they need to find them on other websites and their time will be waste in finding, adding this will save their time & they will find paint ids link in your post while reading.


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                Nice Guide!!!


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